Fed Ex Question

  1. Do they drop Coach packages if you're not home? I see my shipment is set to arrive on tuesday by 4:30..but I'll be at work!

    Thanks :smile:
  2. mine was dropped without having to sign. I asked the SA cause I knew I wouldn't be at home at the time. Not sure if you have to sign based on dollar amount though--
  3. If you track the shipment online, I *think* it will say "signature required" if you need to sign for it. Also, I think you need to have a signature release on file with FedEx. Otherwise, I think it just says home delivery or something like that.
  4. My packages are dropped off at the door of my apartment when I am not home...luckily I have trustworthy neighbors!!
  5. Maybe try leaving a note authorizing FedEx to leave it? Be sure to sign it. This has worked for me sometimes, but I think it's at the driver's discretion. Good luck!
  6. if looks safe then Fedex will leave it.
  7. From what the Fed Ex guy told me, a signature is required if the item is expensive.
    I think this still applies if they have "leave at door" on file.
  8. They always drop mine at the door, no matter the cost - and I'd really prefer them NOT to since I live in an apartment.
  9. When my Ergo was delivered they did NOT leave it...they left a tag saying I could either pick it up at the Fed Ex office that day (after 5pm) or they would try to re-deliver it the next day. I picked it up...no problem!
  10. I have a signature release on file with FedEx, so they leave it. The only time they don't leave it is for eLuxury (LV stuff) because they use "FedEx Direct" for orders over $500.00 which requires a signature no matter what, it doens't matter if you have a release on-file for FedEx Direct. - The tag they leave should hopefully have a place for you to do a signature release.