Fed-ex just delivered....

  1. My MC aurelia MM!!! I saw this IRL in Vegas last week and couldn't stop thinking about it!! It's basically a MC BH! I exchanged the tulum GM for it:shame: I loved the tulum but I bought it for a messenger bag and just felt it was too big on me to carry messenger style. I knew this bag would be delivered today so I have been sitting here on the computer waiting. I didn't want to shower,run the vacuum,etc for fear of missing the fed ex guy! Well about an hour ago I thought I heard a big truck. I looked out the window and saw nothing. A few minutes ago I walked by the front door and saw a box sitting on the stoop. He must have just left it there-usually they require a signiture. I never heard a knock or anything. Thank goodness he left it-I would have been so mad if he had just left an attempted to deliver note!!! So I guess I need to figure out if this is a keeper???????
    purses 055.jpg
  2. oh my gosh! that is GORGEOUS! this is another to add the the wish list :yes:
  3. oooh try it on!!!! must be an exciting day for u!
  4. Beautiful!!
  5. Pretty!
  6. Keep it!!!
  7. Too cute. I saw this the first day it came out.

    I definitly want to get the bigger one one day.......maybe next year. LOL :lol:

    Can you post a pic modeling it?
  8. I'd like to see that too! It's so pretty!

    It's a good thing you were on the lookout, what is it with all of these horrible Fed Ex drivers lately?!
  9. Oh its FOR SURE a keeper...I LOVE IT!!! Have fun with it...its a GREAT summer bag. WOO HOOO>...good for you.
  10. I think it's a keeper. It's perfect for spring/summer!
  11. Keeper!!!
  12. Sure- I'll post a pic a little later. I'm in my clean the house tee now-it's as old as time and full of holes!
  13. It's gorgeous, I love it in the white MC !
  14. I tried that one on a few weeks ago at the Gardens Mall and it is now on my wish list-she's a keeper!
  15. What a pretty bag, congratulations! I think you should keep her!