Fed Ex is smokin' today - everything was delivered!

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  1. My burnt orange and black satchels and even my little fishy arrived today! First, I am soooo happy I returned my other pebbly black bag. This one is NOTHING like the fitst one. These bags in leather do have a light texture to them but nothing like the first black one I received. The burnt orange is beautiful - it will be a perfect spring/summer bag, the black will be put away for fall or when I need a classic black bag, and the fishy is just too cute - I will be using him on the orange bag with no scarf just for something different and fun. And lastly is the TJ Maxx Legacy wallet, which goes great w/the black bag but will be useful year-round. I am so happy and so done!!!! Tags are being cut off as we speak so I can use the orange one right now, and you know I never cut tags off immediately, so it must be :heart:!

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  2. NICE! I am so glad your second black one was better!
  3. Totally love your pleated bags and your fish is just so cute!
    Congrat's and thanks for posting..:drool:
  4. Your bags are so pretty. The new black one that you got is a beauty. Congrats on your bag, fishy and your amazingly priced wallet.
  5. Awesome

    The fish looks GREAT on the orange.
    Just like he's next to some orange coral or something!
  6. Holy mackeral! Those are SOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! I LOVE that burnt orange, how would you compare it to the whiskey color? That is a great haul, congrats on everything!
  7. BEAUTIFUL orange!! Will look so pretty in the summer sun! I love all your purchases! Fishy is too cute! Congrats!!
  8. Lovely purchases!! I think the black satchel is such a classy bag and the burnt orange is such a fun color for spring and summer. You also got a great deal on that wallet!
  9. love your bags!
  10. Is the fish new??
  11. Gorgeous Donna! :drool: I am so happy you love them.. rip those tags off girl!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Beautiful bags!
  13. WOW donnalynn that black satchel does look WAY different than that first one you had! I'm glad things turned out for the best... all your things are GORGEOUS!! Congrats! ;)
  14. Thanks everyone! Ok two more pictures - I can finally use my tattersall accessories that I didnt want to take the tags off of!, and my little boy dressed up the bag - he said "dont you have another fish too - put them both on!" - does the kid have good taste or what?

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  15. Wow, everything is gorgeous! I am totally jealous of your wallet find though-I just got back from going to 3 different TJMaxx and none of them had a single wallet :crybaby: Guess I'll just keep scouring ebay!

    Everything is so nice, that burnt orange is wow!