Fed Ex Delivery Today...

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  1. Don't hate me for this...
  2. oh, come on!
  3. Anyone want to guess what's in here?:graucho:
  4. a keyfob or charm?! :thinking:
  5. I can't wat to see what you got!!! Yay
  6. Guess it wasn't too hard to see it is a small item...
  7. But it got here just in time!
  8. :drinkup:its a box with tissue paper...
  9. and possibly a cute charm/keyfob
  10. Aha! A charm! Now which one is it?!
  11. The big heart luggage charm??
  12. :love:For Valentines Day decorating!
  13. ^^^ beauty!! congrat's, cant wait to see it on a bag :smile:
  14. But, I don't like the brass hangtag on it, plus it makes it much heavier. So, I took it off.:tender:I :heart: it!!
  15. cute! I love it, congrats! :tup: