Fed ex/BG

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  1. Ugh, I am so mad. I told the SA that if I bought a bag from her, I needed to have it by Thursday as we were going to be out of town Friday. No problem, she said. Last time I bought a bag from her, I got it in 2 days so I figured no issue. So I get a call from Fedex yesterday saying they were dropping a package today and they needed a signature. I had to be out in the afternoon for several hours and I have no idea what time they deliver. So before I left, I was relieved to see the truck across the street. I figured I was next. Well, he drove right by my house. As I was leaving about 30 minutes later, I see his truck parked at the end of my street. I was going to roll down my window and tell him I was leaving and I saw he was asleep! I didn't want to bother him and I left a note on my door jam with my signature saying to leave the package. He didn't.

    BG's didn't require a signature last time so I assumed it was the same since the SA didn't tell me. I have plans for the next two days and I can't sit home and wait for it.
    Just venting.
  2. Hey Ally, can you pick it up at the FedEx office? They may hold it for you there if you call them tonight and ask.
    That's kinda :lol: about him being asleep!!
  3. It is funny if I weren't so mad. lol. They had it there and told me I could pick it up until 4:45. It was 4:43 when they told me so I couldn't make it. I should have asked what time he gets back for tomorrow but I was so mad I didn't think to. They just kept saying they can't do anything because Bergdorfs said a signature is required. I will never buy from that SA again. She could have told me that was needed and I could have waited tip we got back from our trip.
  4. What if they hold it all day there tomorrow? Like the driver doesn't try to redeliver, you just pick it up tomorrow?
  5. She said she can't do that.
  6. Allisonfaye,

    Signature was always required for all the bags I got from BG. Given the prices of the bags I can understand this.

    I once bought a bag from BG and FedEx wouldn't hold the package at their location and kept delivering to my house while I was at work.

    I called the SA 3 times before she finally was able to redirect the package to my office right after third attempt and right before package was about to send back to shipper. This happened in Dec last year and FedEx just didn't offer the option of picking up at their locations like what UPS normally does. And of course, with her slow response on helping me physically getting the bag, I refused to buy from her ever again.

    I recently bought something from NM and they could only ship to my house. However, this time FedEx specified the pick up time at their location so I was able to pick it up myself. I am not sure if there is a change in FedEx policy but just want to share my experience.

    You can also ask SA to contact FedEx and have FedEx hold the bag at their location for you to pick up

  7. Sig required from NM too. I had the hardest time getting a package one time because NM sent it to my house instead of my office and FedEx went there 3x and wouldn't even let me re-route it myself.

    I understand though. It's annoying worrying about it and chasing it down.
  8. Well darn :thinking: not great customer service from either of those companies!
  9. I am soooooo sorry you missed the delivery (I so so so don't like when that happens, and I've been known to chase down the truck before). For next time: wake him up!!!

    I hope you will be able to get this before your trip. I know with UPS you can pay a fee to UPS for them to redeliver it at another location or at a specific time; not sure if Fedex does the same. Oh, and it says on Fedex slips that an adult 21 or older has to sign for it...trust me from my experience that's not true. It has to be YOU.
  10. Shipper can redirect the package but not the recipient. That's the general rule. So I typically call the SAs or stores and have them redirect or put a hold if needed.

    When my bags were shipped to the office, the shipping manager of my office signed and gave to me. It has never been a problem so I think it doesn't have to be you. The package usually says indirect signature required (not direct).

  11. Fedex is the absolute worst....
  12. I sent someone to pick it up for me at Fedex, so that's what I meant. They said it had to be me (and the person I sent had the slip with them). If it's redelivered to an office, I'm imagine anyone can sign for it there.
  13. Yes tutu in that case yes I think you are right. Didn't realize you mean pickup.

    And I fully understand the eager to chase after FedEx!

  14. I would have awakened him had I known what was going to happen. I just thought if I left a note he could drop it. Apparently, my SA sent it home delivery. I asked what the difference was and the Fed ex lady said it was cheaper. But I didn't really get the difference in service. Anyway, I called again this am after I was more level headed and I got a great Fed ex agent who checked what time the driver will be back to the facility and requested that if he misses me again today (which is highly likely) he will hold it at the facility and I can pick it up tomorrow am.
  15. Good luck girl! Please show us when you get your new gem:smile: