February SF Bay Area Meetup - Sunday Brunch and Valentine's Day Movie!

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  1. I think we're due for another Bay Area gathering....this time let's do Sunday brunch and follow it up with a viewing of the all-star-cast chick flick "Valentine's Day"! Should be good girl bonding time, and if the weather cooperates, we can even end the day with some Union Square shopping. :smile: You can opt in/out of brunch or the movie; it'll just be nice hanging out with you all! Feel free to bring along any other girls you think might enjoy the time.

    Date: Sunday, February 21st
    Time: 12pm noon for brunch, movie to follow
    Place: I'm thinking Chez Papo Resto since there's great brunch reviews, but if someone else has a great spot in mind close to the Metreon (where the movie will be playing) I am open!

    Hope some of you can make it!!
  2. i'm in for all of it! thanks for organizing christina! and great job on picking chez papa.. i've been dying to try the restaurant out... the inside is really cute and swanky. can't wait!
  3. Oh this sounds like so much fun! I've never been to a meet-up (too shy :P).. and unfortunately I won't be in town that weekend. Chez Papa Resto is very cute inside-- I've been several times for lunch and dinner. I hope you ladies have fun! :smile:
  4. Don't think I can make it (I work Sundays) but I may not be working that early that day. I won't know until the Thursday before, but keep me in mind!! ;)
  5. i'm in!
  6. Where's the location of the restaurant? I want to see where I'm going to park. :biggrin:
  7. lori you'll probably wanna park at the mission street parking structure behind bloomingdales.. because the restaurant is at mint plaza which is like a block or two away from westfield :smile: don't go to the other chez papa! there's two.. one's a restaurant and one's a cafe!
  8. Darn, I will be in the Bay Area but only arriving around noon.
  9. Yikes ladies - I just found out that Chez Papa is closed on Sundays! Grrrr.....any other ideas for brunch?
  10. Neiman Marcus Rotunda? They open at noon on Sundays.

    Mmm seafood cobb salad ...
  11. does nordstroms do brunch?
  12. i don't think nordstroms does brunch dusty paws.. i think it's the normal lunch menu if you eat there on sundays.. and the rotunda is an awesome idea.. it's beautiful up there.. and they have the MOST amazing popovers w/ strawberry butter.. it's free comes with your meal!
  13. boo hoo :cry:

    i can't make it to this one...my good friend is having her baby shower that day

    i love the lobster rolls @ the rotunda....and the strawberry butter.....and the mojitos :graucho:
  14. bummer I'm missing out on another SF meet! I live in Tahoe and we have friends in town that weekend. Lots of great snow up here = lots of visitors! :biggrin:

    Have fun and I hope to catch a meet up sometime in the future!
  15. Ooh, The Rotunda sounds delicious!! Does it work for everyone? Positive/negative is that it can lead to unneccessary shopping before we even make it to the table!...:whistle: