February Purchases!!

  1. We had a January thread I thought it would be good to start a February thread since we all are buying at a rapid rate:yahoo: Share your photos!

    I need help..(I know i'm not going to get it here)..i'm buying much too fast :wtf:
    coach24071.JPG coach24072.JPG
  2. I really like your choices! Have you gotten a chance to use the pink purse or the small black one yet? How do you like the feel?

    I hope to get a purchase on here of the tote I've been drooling over, if I can find it at an outlet or eBay for a reasonable price. I might be starting with a wristlet...

    Thanks for posting!!!
    1. Black Leather Ali- purchased today!
    2. Top Handle Signature Madison Studded Satchel- purchased on the 22nd of Jan but didn't get it till Feb. from eBay.
    3. Legacy Stripe Pouch, French Wallet, and Wristlet-Feb. 1st
    I want another Ali! I LOVE IT! :nuts:
    DSC04605.JPG DSC04577.JPG DSC04591.JPG
  3. [​IMG]



    and a carly and new wallet are on their way...and seriously contemplating a mandy in natural (hmm...do you think i could hold out until the pce?)
  4. i love the legacy stripes!!
  5. Here is what I got yesterday:

    2 Hamptons Signature Burnished leather book totes, one in black and one in red. I'm lazy and don't want to take pictures, but I got a picture of the black one off ebay. The red one I only found one tiny picture of but you can see it here: Coach Hamptons Book Tote - Google Image Search it's the top row, third picture from the left. :smile:

    Other than that, I also got a large 6x8 signature stripe planner in crimson. (attached picture also taken from ebay...damn my cursed laziness *L*).

    The final thing I got was a black minisig mini skinny.

    What do you guys think about the black book tote vs. the red one? Which should I keep? I know I'll sound silly for saying this but, they really are so different.
    dsp_imgp4064.jpg 0a90_1.jpg
  6. cute stuff girls!! nothing for me yet ... I may go to the outlet tomorrow.
  7. Cute stuff everyone!! Hmm...makes me want to run out and buy something:graucho:
  8. I was wondering whether the punch swing pack IRL would look as good as it does online or better and after Kallison posted the one she got for a friend it was definitely perfect!

    My hubby and I are going on a cruise for our 1 year anniversary and I wanted to get a swing pack for that trip. So, I just placed the order for that and the mini skinny to match! It will probably be here Wednesday! I love living in FL, everything from JAX is overnighted for $8.50! :yahoo:

  9. everyone has gotten some cute stuff!!!
  10. oooo I love the punch mini skinny! That will have to go on my list.
  11. ALL the punch is tdf. and i wish that tote had worked out better for me...
  12. I am DYING for the red book tote...saw it, almost got it, but didn't get it! I got the wristlet though. It's such a GORGEOUS color! Seriously, I think the red book tote is more stunning and from what I understand alot rarer.
  13. ok - I know I posted these already...but they DO fall under the realm of "February Purchases"...

    From the Lee, MA Factory store...
    (yes, the hangtag is missing from the bag...grr...I called and requested one.)

    Sunglasses are "Patricia"


  14. [​IMG]