February FP deletes -any predictions?

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  1. More Brookes & Claires?
  2. I was at one of my local FP stores yesterday and that's what I was told. As well as some more Tribeca totes.
  3. oooh, I would love to find a tribeca at the outlets...
  4. Do you know which Tribecas? That gray PW one is pretty hot!
  5. Maybe we will see more Audrey's trickle in
  6. after speaking to the manager at the San Marcos outlet about my desire for a Kristin and her asking which one - i think there will be some Kristin totes showing up
  7. ^hopefully. there is 119 kristin totes total (of all colors) in stores scattered throughout US last i check..in my district there is only one green tote left and its not in my store :sad:

    you will see it in the outlets but it will be an easter egg hunt for sure! (unless it gets brought at FP level before being sent out)

    there will be some brooke as new colors are coming in (a camel like color..more like nude IMO, parchment and the black that is already out..all smooth versus the current pebbled textured)

    and there will be new alex coming out..so...maybe..i haven't looked through fully.
  8. ^ohh only 119 totes in the US! well seeing as there are no stores in TX with them in stock chances are probably slim to none that they will show up at my outlets
  9. WOW thanks for the update