February 14th is a big divorce day

  1. A friend of mine has a process-server business. Yesterday they served 29 divorce petitions for customers who SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED the receiving party be served on Valentine's Day. Of those served, 4 petitions were served on men and the remaining 25 petitions were served on women.

    According to my friend, they serve the most divorce petitions in the week after new year's (she says that is when all the women seem to file), Valentine's Day and the week before Thanksgiving.

    Crazy stuff. :sad:
  2. That's so vindictive!
  3. hmm, I understand the first of the year (clean start), and before thanksgiving (can't fake another holiday).....but valentines day?
  4. that's pretty sad...

    twinkle, i never thought about it, but that makes sense, about the new year & thanksgiving. but valentine's day is just to get back at someone for sure...
  5. ^^^I agree, they always say, it's a fine line between love and hate.
  6. Ouchhh...but I guess if you get screwed over, it's petty revenge.
  7. i agree. thats pretty sad. i would hate to receive a divorce petition when everyone else receives flowers and chocolates. :|
  8. Wow. Not only would that sting receiving divorce papers on Valentines Day, but every Valentines day after you would be reminded that this was the day you received divorce papers.

    A nasty gift that keeps on giving...:push:

    People can be sooooo cruel.
  9. I don´t think people do on purpose on these big days. It´s just that these are the days where you stop and think about your life you know.
    I hate Valentine´s day, it´s too much pressure on everybody. The pressure to be loved, feel love..etc....It hurts single people, people in love complain about the present they receive or not, and couples in trouble....well it´s the final stroke. I prefer to celebrate my love and be celebrated on my birthday, much more personnal.
    On New year´s eve you have the pressure to have the best party of the year, on Valentine´s to have the most romantic day of the year....we´re not machines !!! you just can´t program this !
  10. ^ i see what your saying but i think one may ponder about ones life.. to speciaically ask for theppl to be served that day is purely out of meaness..

    some ppl have the revenge streak..

    and as someone mentioned.. very thin line
  11. Yeah... Asking for papers to be served specifically on Valentine's Day is just really NOT the nicest thing to do. Like siri anne pointed out, it's gonna be something you will always remember, making EVERY Valentine's Day a bad reminder. :s
  12. I can absolutely understand the first of the year thing (easier on taxes, new start, blah blah), but Valentines Day...hah. I guess if you really hate your spouse, that's a pretty good date to send it.
  13. If a man is cruel enough to serve you divorce papers on Valentine's Day, at least it confirms one thing: you're well shot of the b*****d....:smile:
  14. Wow that's harsh to serve someone on Valentines Day but I guess when a person is hurt they want the next to hurt too...
  15. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: There is just something wrong with that !