February 11 event at KOP

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  1. Anyone else get an invitation to the KOP event on Feb. 11?:smile:
  2. What is KOP?
  3. King of Prussia (I believe :biggrin:)

    Its a mall
  4. I live 15 minutes from King of Prussia but get all my LVs from Saks. What is the event?
  5. I did, but we will be away on vacation.
    If we were home, we would be there for sure.
  6. :huh::huh:Oh i wish :biggrin:
    who ever goes make sure u share your experience with us !
  7. Interesting name for a mall :smile:
  8. I'm going there this Friday, weather permitting. What is going on next week?
  9. "King of Prussia" One of the largest malls on the east coast ( that I know of).

    LV is having an invitation only event. Champagne etc. Probably showing some of the spring/summer collection. It's a beautiful store/great sales staff! Never found a rude SA in that location. Visiting there is always a pleasure.
  10. ^Im close to that store but the service at the SAKS in PA is WAYYYY better.They have some VERY rude SA's at KOP.Ive seen some very bad threads in here about them
  11. Funny - I've never met a rude SA at KOP store. However there is one young female SA at Saks in Bala Cynwyd who is quite rude.
  12. I never get an invite to KOP and it could be because I have been loyal to my SA elsewhere. KOP is close to me and not that I have not been willing, from whom I've met, we didn't click.

    Oh well. Have fun people!
  13. I wonder if it's the same event that I received an invite to on Feb 13th? It also said it will be showing items from the S/S collection, hmmmm could be fun.
  14. wish i got an invite! i live right in the area.

    i think its hit or miss with SAs there... i have had great experiences there yet friends of mine have had terrible ones.
  15. Go and check it out for all of us who won:t be able to attend, and please bring us a full update,