Febreze on alcantra lining OK?

Nov 21, 2006
just wondering if it's ok on the suedy alcantra lining? Also...if I wanted to use baking soda to absorb some of the oldish smell, how do I put it inside the bag?

In a baggie?

LV Love

Sep 1, 2006
Honestly, I wouldn't personally put Febreze directly onto an LV bag. I know it's only the interior, but who knows how it will react with the material?? I'm very wary of using any chemical product actually. The bottle says to test it out on a small patch first, so if you are okay with it, I would do that first.
For baking soda, just open the top of the box and place it directly into the bag. If the smell still lingers, then sprinkle the inside of the bag and leave it for a few hours. Then you'll need those vacuums with the long flat nozzle to get it all out after.


So thankful.
Apr 20, 2006
I got a very expensive, delicate leather bag once that had a really funky smell. I didn't spray Febreeze directly on the lining, but I did spray some on a paper towel and wiped it down gently on the inside. It helped a lot, so I did it a few more times over the next few days. I also tried spraying a paper towel, then stuffed it inside, and zipped the bag closed. It dodn't kill the smell completely, but no harm done, and it did make a big difference.


Mar 2, 2006
Yeah definitely spray it on something else first. Once, my MC Alma smelled like peanuts (last time I carry peanuts with me lol) so I put a little febreze on an old towel and closed the bag. A couple days later, it was perfect-smelling again :yes: