Feb Vogue UK

  1. Just picked up me new Vogue mag (& elle but nothing much in that one) here are some of the Lv releated pics. On btw new rivet ad is in so prepare for those waitlists to fill up!!

    Pic of miroir bag in article about "it" bags also has east west bag but file is too big to upload on tpf I'll add it soon. Can you spot the mistake on the miroir picture tsk tsk Vogue you should know better.

    second is the headband that was shown on the catwalk the retail on this is FROM £310!!!! (that's about $600 US)
    miroir vogue.jpg headband.jpg
  2. East West

  3. I love that silver speedy, no matter what they call it!:nuts:
  4. thankyou ! I loves it, Im gunna have to get this mag !
  5. Ooh awesome! My borders has the UK vogue, so i'm going to snatch it up!
  6. It the FEB edition make sure you get the right month
  7. Miroir;)
  8. I am sorry that handband is just hideous!
  9. Lovely.

  10. I can't get over the price it looks like rags (sorry to anyone you likes it I'm sure you'll rock it!!!)
  11. Thanks for the pics. I just picked up the February Glamour...and nothing in it.
  12. ITA! What were they thinking, not even the models look good in them. :push:
  13. that Cuir Tresse East West bag look really good in that photo. i think i might just waitlist for that too. i totally get the tongue-in-cheek reference to counterfeit goods from Asia :yes:
  14. i love the mirior speedy so much! it is so shiney!
  15. Thanks ... does the Feb UK Elle have any new LV in it??