Feb 3,new Spring Pics From Prada Store...

  1. enjoy!

    Hi Jill,
    Here are a few new bags.
    Nappa Rose pochettes $1150
    the small nappa shoulder bag $850 (a.k.a.disco purse)
    corrallo and green nappa $1450
    nappa stripes pochettes (also available in black) $1750)

    Prada Broadway
    575 Broadway
    New York, NY 10012

    ask for SONIA!!!

  2. :drool: the colors are amazing!!!
  3. I love the first ones...I want the pink or lavandar!LOL!
  4. Oh these colors are TDF!!!! Now I'm getting spring fever lol!!!! Thanx for the pics!!
  5. OMG! Those pochettes :drool: any idea how big they are?
  6. Cute bags, like the first two the best
  7. Ohhhh YES, the first 2 are amazing!

    Bag Ban here, maybe in a few months! :crybaby:
  8. love the colors...:heart:
  9. Love the first purple one. I wonder what the size is?
  10. wowwwwww. :drool: clean up on aisle 4!!
  11. i love that you always post these pics, thanks jill!!
  12. Not feeling the love, but I've eaten my words before !!
  13. Gorgeous colors! :love:
  14. love the disco purse...
  15. Thanks, Jill. I like the first two best as well. I'm not sure that light pink and purple would fit with my wardrobe or style though.