Feb 14, 2010's wearing

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  1. What you all are plan to wear along which Chanel purse on Feb 14? Day or night?

    I do not know yet
  2. Well, if the SO gives me a new purse, then that's the one I'm wearing! ;)
  3. I'm going to wear my red caviar m/l flap as it's also Chinese New Year. Chinese believe red represents good luck ;)
  4. Probably my black 226 with GHW.. Love her to death :smile:
  5. I like dark red but somehow it does not look good on me at all.
  6. my patent red valentine!
  7. My DH bought me the red patent valentine bag as a valentine's gift. So i'm going to wear it on that day:graucho:
  8. If my DH actually end up got me the red lambskin Valentine's bag before then, i'll def wear it. He's going through difficult time trying to locate it now :yahoo:
  9. RED for sure!~

    Must carry my RED Chevron jumbo DH gifted to me last Christmas
    & more matching red outfits to celebrate both Chinese New Year & Valentine's day :dothewave:
  10. No Chanel for me on feb 14...SO will be working...
  11. My camellia flap for dinner. I'm not sure if we're going anywhere during the day, but definitely to dinner at night.
  12. I am planning to show off my new Chanel with new jeans and new shoes during the day. Everything is new excepts me :P
  13. red may be a little flashy for me on CNY, likely to go with my bronze matt reissue.
  14. I like that bronze reissue.
  15. Hmmm,Maybe I will be a little indulgent & wear a Lambskin flap-wish I had not sold my Red Jumbo!!!