Feb 12th 2010 (Friday) was my dog Rockys bday....

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  1. I know this is gonna sound crazy but I had a bday party for my dog Rocky whom turned 2 yesterday...Friday the 12th. I made him a double layer vanilla cake with vanilla frosting,sang happy bday to him, and gave him several gifts. He was VERY happy and had a clue that something was going on...I just truly wanted to show how happy I am to have my dogs in my life. I also wanted to honor him on his bday and really embrace his life and live in the moment. This dog was also my 15th wedding anniversary gift from my husband. He will NEVER be able to top this gift as long as he lives...LOL!!! So now that you all know how very NUTSO---->:nuts: I am...you may leave a comment if you like. TIA!

    PS...One of their favorite foods of all time is Beef Lomaine plain chinese food. So he had a little of that for dinner along with his reg dry food.

  2. Hey, Happy (belated) Birthday to your Rocky.
  3. Hey thank you so much!!!! woof woof...LOL...I wonder how many people on here have ever posted a bday thread for their dog instead of a human bday? ROFL!!!
  4. Happy birthday Rocky
  5. Thank you and Rocky blows a kiss to your dogs...
  6. Haha, I have no idea, but I thought it was a fun thing for you to do. :biggrin:
  7. He doesn't look a day over 1½. Happy belated birthday Rocky!
  8. happy barkday lol
  9. Aww, I had a Boxer named Rocky when I was in high school. Happy birthday to your Rocky.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.