Featured Listings - Are they worth it?

  1. I tried the featured listing today and I'm curious if anyone of you have tried this?

    When I do a search on 2 words in my title, I get 30 items and mine is featured, but if I search on just the designer name, there are no featured items, not even mine. Wouldn't it come up when you search any of the words in my title? Just a bit confused.

    I have noticed that featured bags sell for way more than not featured.

    Any thoughts???
  2. just because an item is featured it doesn't get my attention. It all comes down to if a buyer is interested in the item your selling highlighted or not
  3. It's worth it in certain categories. I sometimes feature very, very expensive bags that are brand new, and it's done well for me.
  4. never tried it - though I might give it a shot.
  5. As a buyer, I did't even pay attention whether the listing is featured or not. What I am looking for is the item, seller's feedback, price, pictures and its condition.
  6. how much is it to feature an item?
  7. i believe it's $5 too much considering how much eBay/paypal makes
  8. As a buyer I tend to avoid featured items unless they're the only result of my search, and I'm desperate to buy one. My reason being featured items tend to get noticed by more people, which in turn brings more competition, and I'll end up paying more than I normally would if I won the auction.

    More often than not I ignore featured items and look elsewhere.
  9. As a seller I have never used this feature, as a buyer I have never paid much attention to them.
  10. sounds like somthing very much unlike garfield:sleepy:
    but youre not alone, as i do the very same.
    oh and i hate when the bag has like 8 days left and two idiots have already bid on it. at least wait a bit longer...
  11. Garfield makes the funniest facial expressions, he's awesome :biggrin:

    Yeah I hate it too when there's a bidding war on an auction with 100000000 days to go...
  12. Featured items are 19.95.

    I accidently used the feature option once, I will say I did get a lot more hits on that item than I ussually would have, to bad it was a $9 item:push: