Feature about Hermès in September issue of Vanity Fair!

  1. I thought i should let all of you H lovelies know,that there is a big feature about history of Hermès in the new issue of Vanity Fair(September Style issue).:yahoo:Here is a preview of the article,its just a snap.:heart:
    Its called:
    From [SIZE=-1]Hermès [/SIZE]to Eternity - Laura Jacobs hits Hermès HQ as the reins are passed to a sixth generation

  2. Thanks for the heads up! VF does some wonderful comprehensive articles so I'm sure this one will be great.
  3. thank you for this preview !!!! :heart:
  4. Woohoo!!!!! Can't wait to get mine!
  5. Cannot wait for this issue!
  6. Awesome!! Wish mine would show up, already....
  7. thanks for the heads up. will try to wait patiently for the article!
  8. yay, thanks for the headsup!
  9. asa - may we look at your copy at our next meet?
  10. Gosh...I need to really hunt that down!
  11. Is the September issue out yet?
  12. Thanx-cant wait to read it!
  13. Thank you, can't wait to get my copy!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. Gosh, and we just started Sept!
  15. Fantastic, can´t wait to get it, thank you for posting about the article!