FEAST your eyes upon... Ink, White,Vert Deau, Emerald, Greige, and Blueberry

  1. My itty bitty collection along with the ever-so-curious chi, Sammie:

    Ink First - the one that started it all...
    White Box - :heart: (the one I considered bringing to Disneyland; but didn't.)
    Vert Deau Day - my fave as of right now, this second.
    Emerald City - leather is TDF.
    Greige Mini Bowler - love this, its the veiniest BBag of mine.
    Blueberry Day - thicker leather, may need to get rid of.

    I need me some Yellow and Purple. :graucho:
    DSC00328.JPG DSC00337.JPG DSC00342.JPG DSC00345.JPG
  2. lovely collection RERE.. that vert deau day is a beauty!!
  3. Beautiful collection and cute dog!:nuts:
  4. You have a lovely collection!
  5. haha... love the snapshot with your cute doggy... great bags too :p
  6. :party: I love them all!
  7. Thank you ladies! Quite frankly, I'm a bit bored on Easter. So I decided that Sammie and I (and my BF who is rolling his eyes on my laptop) would have a photo shoot.

    As I took these pics, I realized how "limited" my colors are. They're all cool colors!

    Some red, orange, and yellow would be peachy. Pink, and purple too.

    I want it all. :nuts:
  8. Oooh, I love your dog too. Is (s)he a chihuahua?
  9. I lurve your collection!!! Esp the Days! Vert deau...:drool: .... and you're thinking of letting your blueberry go??? Let it come this way :graucho:
  10. wow! Great group you've got there!
    Very well rounded but a bright and cheerful color would be a great new addition! Thanks for sharing it with us! :yahoo:
  11. Lots of beautiful cool colors!

    I love your chihuahua too :p
  12. Verty - she is a long-haired red and white chihuahua. She just turned 1 year old in March and I got her about 8 months ago and she is the love of my life. Thanks for asking!
  13. What a fabulous collection and adorable little sidekick to boot:p
  14. I just adore how your Emerald and Blueberry look together - those are some amazing bags you have. Thanks for sharing!
  15. A very nice collection, but I love looking at your cute little pup even more! What a cutie patootie