Fear Of Flying

  1. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay calm when on the plane...especially if there is bad turbulance?
  2. Xanax!!!:lol::lol::lol: I hate flying!
  3. OMG. I used to be terrified of flying!! I cried the entire first hour of my trip to Japan X_x

    Hm. Sleep, close your eyes and think about something else really hard, read, talk to someone. . .basically try and distract yourself. Maybe if youre religious, prayer?

    In my case, my mom gave me her rosary before I left and I squeezed it and closed my eyes when I was scared. Oh and I have this giant Cow I hugged, lol.
  4. Just know, there is absolutely no way turbulence will bring down a plane. The only time turbulence is dangerous is when you are taking off or landing. Trust me, I fly a lot and have been in some terrible turbulence. Oh...and a glass of wine will help calm the nerves.
  5. I don't like to fly but for different reasons. I don't like being closed in. I take medication when I fly. I have a friend who doesn't like to fly for the same reasons as you and she actually took a class that was supposed to help people who are afraid. She said it helped her a lot. I think if someone explained to you what turbulance is you might not fear it. It really is just air pockets. Maybe someone can give you a more scientific explanation. I find a little turbulance actually rocks me to sleep. I find it soothing. I know I'm nuts!
  6. I'd recommend Valium!!!:sick:

    Seriously, I'm terrified of flying and have only been on a plane once. It was the worst experience of my life!! I hated everything about it. People who enjoy flying amaze me.:wondering

    I took a Valium an hour before takeoff, and I did pretty well. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's terrified of flying!:sad2:
  7. So jealous Kat-it freaks me out! Xanax has really helped me- that and a great magazine!
  8. I also don't like to fly for the same reason as Kat. I am closeaphobic (sp?), so I take lots of medication that will knock me out before I fly. As soon as I sit down, I force myself to fall asleep till I arrive. It's a real pain [​IMG]
  9. i have a terrible fear of flying as well :sad2: so i try to sleep through as much of the flight as possible......or else try to do something that completely occupies me such as knitting/sewing, etc but i think sleep is the best solution.....u can't be afraid if you're not conscious, although it's hard to sleep through a 14 hour flight....
  10. 2 Atavan work for me...just dulls the senses enough but doesn't knock me out
  11. Thank you for sharing that! Definitely good to know, lol. Turbulance was so bad once I was convinced we were going to die X_x
  12. So funny! I was thinking of this same thread! I'm a scaredy cat about flying, a Bloody Mary is my best defense at high altitude!!
  13. I'm flying on Thursday so I will keep your comments in mind....that is interesting about the "air pockets"...someone said I should think of myself as a leaf in the wind..that you go with the flow instead of holding tight in your seat.
  14. It is great to know there are others who hate flying! When I worked at Xerox I had to travel fairly frequently and always hated it -- which I kept secret as traveling is just part of the culture. Since retiring I fly may-be once a year. The whole process seems stressful -- packing, airport, plane, jet lag. Just thinking about it makes me glad I don't have to any more.
  15. I'm terrified of flying as well! I'm always in tears when there's either severe turbulance, lightning outside my window or a plane flying underneath (and I hang on so tight on the arm rests that it leaves marks on my hands)! I ususally try to concentrate on a film or sleep when it's really bad. I also tend to take some medicine to help calm my nerves sometimes and it really helps. Arrrh why can't they invent teleporting machines?!
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