Fear of Dentist and I broke my tooth :(

  1. Of all the luck, right before the New Year I broke my tooth. I was flossing and broke off a piece of my back tooth which had a filling. It was a small piece but still...:wtf:

    It surprisingly didn't hurt. I have to go the the dentist and he won't be in until Wed.

    Anyone know what can I expect?

    My fear of the dentist is so deep I need anesthesia just for an oral exam:sad:
  2. This happened to me. I had an old filling and it chipped. We were able to leave it alone for a while but then we had to take out the old filling and put in a new one.

    I used to have a terrible fear of the dentist as well. Maybe if you switched dentists you could find one that you trust. That's what I did and my anxiety level is much lower when I go now.
  3. Well i didnt have the exact same scenario BUT my story is this: i was eating popcorn and the kernels were stuck in the back of my teeth so when i stuck my finger in my mouth to remove it (yes, i know very unladylike) i realized part of my tooth was missing :wtf: so i scheduled an appointment ASAP and my dentist drilled my tooth to clean it out since it was pretty bad. he almost hit the nerve in my tooth because he was dangerously close. but he gave me some type of coating or medicine to make my tooth stronger and then i went back and had it removed and got it filled. just make sure if they drill that the are very careful!!!

  4. The SAME THING happened to my fiance three weeks ago as he was eating pizza. He was more stunned that it didn't hurt than anything else. He also hates the dentist, but said the whole process was not that bad.

    He had to wait a few days to be seen by a new dentist closer to where we now live. Turns out an old, large filling in that tooth had something to do with it -- causing the tooth to weaken further. *Thankfully*, the tooth had not weakened down to the root (if it had, a root canal would have been needed). They were able to drill out what remained of the old filling, put in a temporary crown/filling, and made a mold for a permanent piece. A week later the permanent crown/filling was back from the lab and put in.

    I hate the dentist more than my fiance and need an anesthetic before I can even hear a drill buzzing. I think the trick is having a dentist you really like who can make the process more bearable. In fact, he raved so much about his new dentist that I went ahead and made an appointment.
  5. I completely understand your fear! My grandfather was my dentist until he retired, and then I had to see someone else. The new dentist was awful, and I stopped going altogether until I too had broken a tooth. I considered begging my Grandfather to fix it, but I knew he didn't even have tools anymore, so I asked around for recommendations. I have found a good dentist now, and I am beginning to trust him. (He still isn't Grandpa!)

    Since then I have been told there are dentists who specialize in nervous patients. It might be a good idea to look in your local listings and/or google. I know there are several dentists in the city I live in who specialize in extra-gentle and sensitive dentistry. It's worth looking into! Best of luck!
  6. Harlem this is soo funny!! I Xmas Eve I broke off a piece of my back tooth!!
    I just went to the dentist today. I am totally hysterically scared of needles, so the shots killed me. But after that it was fine. Just breathe alot, (I hold my breath) and take an ipod or something with, I with I had done that...to take up my time.

    Sorry you have to go thru this. I feel for ya babe!
  7. i don't remember, when my tooth broke it was during my chemo session. so i was pretty drugged up.

    but no matter what you MUST go. i feel your pain as i hate going to the dentist too..even though he's really not that bad...i just HATE it.

    but you have to b/c i didn't for the longest time when my tooth hurt...then it became my jaw....and next thing i know he says i have to have my tooth cap.

    i go back two weeks later, and my teeth still hurts *two tooth cap btw* OUCH. and i was sooooooo scared to tell him again. but i knew i had to

    soon as i did. he told me that w/the xray he took that the tooth got worse, one of them, and i needed a root canal.

    mind you i was 20 or 21 at that time.

    and a root canal?!

    if i had let myself drag on and on it would've been another 6 months before i get my check up w/x rays and who knows by then he might have to just remove the whole tooth and put in a fake one! :wtf:

    so you must!

    just remember it will be over in a hour or so and life will continue on. *HUGS* hope you feel better!
  8. I have cracks in my teeth. I break off a crown about once a year.

    Depending on how bad it is, they can drill it out and fill it.

    Sometimes they need root canals. All of mine have been drilled out and filled but I do have a few that are close to needing root canal.
  9. Harlem, I'm sooo sorry. Have friend go in the dentist office with you and take music. Good Luck.
  10. This happened to me too! I have to go in thursday but I really like the dentist. Hope you get through it ok!
  11. awww you ladies are so awesome and thanks for the support. I went to the dentist and it turns out I needed a crown. Of course I needed anesthesia because once I saw a needle it was over lol

    but he assured me if I would've waited a while longer it would've turned into a bigger problem:shame: