Fear of Color Transfer on Flat Pouch..

  1. Hi everyone, sorry if this has been posted before, but I have a question regarding the Vernis. I've read that there is a definate possibility of color transfer from jeans to any vernis piece, but I was wondering if that was also possible with the darker colored vernis items?? The reason why I ask is because I'm very interested in acquiring the Pomme Flat Pouch, but would it be ok to tuck it into the back pocket of a pair of jeans (without fear of the color trasfer)? or should I just use it as a wristlet/clutch??

    Sorry if this has been posted before!!! :shame:
  2. I guess no one knows? :sad:
  3. i was gonna get the vernis belt but ended up getting the dammier one because the SA said colour transfer from denim was almost inevitable. hope this helps.
  4. Thank you!
  5. omg! I had a nightmare about this lastnight!!! I usually keep receipts loose in my bag and I had dreamt that one of the recepts with the ink facing my flat pouch got stuck to it and the letters transferred onto my Flat Pouch. It was horrible!! I woke up this morning and checked it, then I remembered I switched my FP with my damier cles and she's all safe in her dustbag...
  6. Well the darker vernis colors usually hold up pretty well. I've had bronze, indigo, framboise, and pomme. I have not had any problem with color transfer at all. Also, about the jeans, if you wash them then their shouldn't be that much dye left on them that would transfer. I would go for it!!
  7. Yeah, I think it depends on if your jeans are the transferring kind ... I have a pair of citizens that no matter how many times I wash them, I end up with blue gunk under my nails. The pomme would probably be okay unless you are ALWAYS putting it in jeans that transfer.
  8. Just_Jill325 - lol, now I have to remember not to dump everything in my bag!! I'm also prone to just chucking everything in my purse when I go shopping and am too lazy to put everything in the right compartments!!

    Thanks for the info, Tr444!! (and YES, you ARE MOD-o-licious!!)

    Thanks Anotheremptysky! I'de better make sure to check my jeans.. I have been buying new ones from Banana Republic lately, and the color has been coming out in the wash..

    Thank you everyone for all the helpful info!! :heart: :love: :yahoo:
  9. i'd keep it only as a wristlet or a clutch....it definitely will happen!!

    even the cowhide on my mc priscilla got the color transferred from my jeans..

    it's just a scary thought!!
  10. ummm I put my pomme ludlow in my jeans and it's fine with that!!!!

    I'm not sure with other jeans but my jeans went thru almost thousand washes already so there is no much left transfer hence I don't know about new jeans??

    I'm more careful with my pomme pieces, just make sure there is no paper near it apart from that it's doing just fine!!!! (for pomme color)
  11. lol! yeah me too!! did you get a FP?
  12. hmm.. I guess I should only use it as a wristlet/clutch.. just to be safe..
  13. nope nope.. i bought the pochette wallet, but still too much in awe to use it!! :nuts: waiting to get the pomme flat pouch in my grubby little hands!! :shame:
  14. ^^ i want the pochette wallet in pomme too! is that the color you got?! OMG it's totally tdf!!! Congrats! I wish it had 10 CC slots though...

  15. yup yup in the Pomme color. I saw it on Elux and snapped it up in a heartbeat!! lol, I'm trying to NOT carry so many CC's so I don't spend as much!! (it's not working) but believe me, they get filled up fast.. the metro card, id, bank card, insurance card and all the coupon cards from BR, Gap, Express take up so many slots already!! Still waiting to get the courage to finally use it though! :sweatdrop: