fear not azur lovers...

  1. those of you who are waiting for your damier azur speedies in the US -- (and probably everywhere...) i got a call last night from the scottsdale, arizona store telling me they had one available for me. i paid for it over the phone and it's shipping out today. BUT, i also got a call about 5 minutes ago from the soho store in new york that they had one available for me and i was next on the list. i told her to call the next person on the list since i purchased mine over the phone last night. what this tells me is that stores must now be starting to get their shipments in.

    worry not!!! your new speedy will be there VERY SOON! :yahoo:
  2. I got mine nearly 2 months ago and my SA always told me after new year it will be available in hugh number. Azur will be permanent as normal damier
  3. yes, i know ;) but what i mean is that for the longest time no one knew when they were coming in and everyone was getting the same answers from their SAs. just trying to shed some light that it looks like stores are starting to get theirs in now.
  4. YAY!!! Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: I haven't put my name on the list...I figured I'll just call the store or get one from elux. :yes:

    I've put my name on the list before in the past...and they don't call...:shrugs: Then we end up calling LV to see if the items "in" and they're like, "Ya, we have some.." (of whatever I was waiting for..). So then we go to LV and pick it up.

    Ironically, (when this happens)...a few days later they call and they're like.."you're item is in..." "We're like we already went to the store and picked it up.." UGH!! :cursing:

    Anyway......I'm so happy to hear they're making their way into stores. :smile: FINALLY!!! UGH!!

    Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!! :flowers:
  5. ooh i wonder if my SA can get it from the soho store.... lol. was it the 25 or 30?
  6. mine was the 25. but yes, soho was the other store that called me so apparently they got a shipment...not sure how big. also waitlisted with atlantic city, but they haven't called me. some stores probably have theirs already...maybe most do and AC just hasn't gotten around to calling me.
  7. yay! thats the one i want next!
  8. yay! azur is coming!
  9. Yep azur is beginning to ship, unfortunately I haven't gotten "the call" for my speedy 25 but I picked up my azur saleya today!! ((will post pics when DH steps out as he doesn't know I got it yet...shhh....))