Fear a Brazilian Wax no more!! Bliss Spa is amazing!!!

  1. OK, so some of you may remember my thread a few weeks ago about a not so good first time brazilian experience. Well, my nether-region :graucho: grew out enough to brave a second waxing and I went to Bliss in San Francisco. OMG it was absolutely AMAZING there. The staff was incredible and the brazilian the tech did was PAINLESS. Well, as close to painless as you can get when you are ripping all of your hair off of your hoo- hoo. I would compare it to plucking my own eyebrows and no more painful than that.

    Apparently, it is the kind of wax they use and the fact that they do not use the strips to pull it off. The tech was super cool and the whole experience was not wierd at all considering it is a pretty um, personal thing.

    I also got the Blissage 75 massage and it was fantastic, it was my much needed day of relaxation. I cannot say enough good things about Bliss :tup: and I highly recommend them to anyone, especially for a brazilian.....oh, if I only would have known for my first time! You can look up their spa locations at www.blissworld.com
  2. Awesome!! I'm glad to know this was a better experience. If only we had Bliss Spas in Mexico...
  3. ah I was just in san fran couple weeks ago. Now I better schedule a new flight just for the brazilian!LOL! and shopping of course :graucho:
  4. There's one in London, woo awesome, I'm going for my first Brazillian ever and im so scared so thanks for this! :smile:
  5. How long did the entire process take from start to finish? How much do you have to grow out? Also, was your waxer a woman or a man? I don't want some random guy to think I'm a descendent of the Yeti, even if he sees this all day. :s
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Good Brazilians really depend on the steady hand of an experienced waxer. You may book an appt. with Bliss and have an awful experience. I know I did at the NYC Soho location :sad:
  8. My waxer was a woman and her name was Kim, loved her!! The whole process probably took 15 minutes?? I am not sure because there are no clocks in there.....that is what I would guess tho. The appointment was booked for a half hour because that is the standard time. I am totally fine today too whereas last time when I went to a different salon, I could barely walk the next day! Your hair needs to be approximately 1/4 inch long, but I have read that Bliss wax is made to grab onto hair that is 1mm long, so call them and check. Definitely have Kim do it, she was the best! Let us know what happens.
  9. yes brazilians don't have to hurt! I think kim at bliss (is it in LA?) gave me a facial once. I was glowing for days to come!
  10. Bliss San Francisco
  11. Not fair, the owner of Bliss Spa is a Canadian but we have no spa locations here, only some of the products.
  12. OP you said they don't use strips to pull the way off, how do they get the wax off then?? Oh and I would run if a MAN was doing a bikini wax on me! I am pretty sure that is an all female occupation. LOL
  13. I'd really recommend the Ipanema Day Spa in NYC. They use imported brazilian wax that doesn't require using a cloth to peel off the wax. And it doesn't hurt as much a regular wax!!