FDA approved pill for weight loss at Target..

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  1. I just saw an ad for FDA approved weight loss pill in the Target circular. It's called Alli. Normally, I do not condone weight loss pills, but it is FDA approved. What do you think...
  2. Um, just so you know, Megs, Vlad and the mods don't allow threads advocating unsafe weight loss methods.

    And I've heardthe diet pill has many, many unpleasant side-effects.
  3. Hi, I'm a Pharmacist & also do not condone the use of diet pills. Alli is probably a safe one, as it is FDA approved which means large trials have been done to prove its safety and efficacy, however it does come with some pretty nasty side effects. By nasty I mean "accidents" to the point where they recommend you bringing extra undergarments & pants "just in case" because your control over the urge isn't gonna be so good & also since it blocks fat absorption from your diet, you will have leakage & oily farts. However, since you are supposed to use Alli with a modified low fat diet, the side effects shouldn't be too bad if you're eating foods that are low fat or fat free. But again, it goes to show you that losing weight isn't as easy as just taking pills.

    Alli is actually a lower dose (half of the dose) of the prescription weight loss pill Xenical.
  4. Sorry- I DO know that Megs especially does NOT advocate diet pills. I thought since this one was FDA approved I could bring it up for discussion. Again, sorry, point is well taken...
  5. ^^ I didn't intend it to come off as mean, and I'm sorry if it did.

    I was under the impression that we were not allowed to discuss diet pills.
  6. Megs doesn't allow any diet aids to be discussed, sorry.
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