"fbtrfall" is code for 13 hour sale at frombagstoriches.com

  1. "fbtrfall" is code for 13 hour sale at frombagstoriches.com

    Only good Wednesday September 19
  2. Is this code for a discount? If so, what %?
  3. anyone ordered bags from them? are they reputable,etc...? what are your experiences (buying/'renting')
  4. Doesnt seem legit to me... :nogood:
  5. I ordered two Coach bags from them from their inventory sale. Both were authentic, but they give their bags ratings for what condition they are in. One of the bags was supposed to be a 9/10 (used but excellent condition) and it was the filthiest bag I've ever seen. The second bag was supposed to be a 7/10 (visible wear, but no damage) and it was perfect. They shipped quickly and let me return the bad purse, so I was happy with them overall :yes:
  6. so are the ones from the sale to keep? It says they are "for rent" in the "how it works section...
  7. They rent bags, but you can also buy them. It should tell you whether the price is to rent it or to buy it.
  8. I don't get it...where do you enter the code? What is the code for...extra % off the bags already on sale? It sounds fishy...do I have to register to use the code?
    1. Click on semi-annual bag sale icon (leftmost bag icon of the three)
    2. Add bags to your cart
    3. During the check out process, type in the code
    I think it gives you about 10% discount. I am not sure. Unfortunately, they charge $9.95 for shipping for each bag you buy. Wish they could combine shipping.
  9. It's legit... The bags are authentic and they allow returns.

    I would also like to add that the bags came wrapped in gift bags with thank you cards and dustbags, care and authenticity cards inside. Also, the CS was really nice.