FBI Is Asking For Our Help

  1. Oh yea, I saw this on the news. Hmm...hope they find them!
  2. i hope the FBI will find them!! its a bit nerve racking as Sept 11 is only less than 3 weeks away. sometimes i wonder if this feeling of nervousness around this time of the year will ever end :sad:
  3. scary... i hope the FBI finds them SOON!!
  4. So if you're a male with beige skin and black hair in the Seattle area, here's your heads up to keep a low profile until the attention of your neighbors is elsewhere occupied, and no matter where you are, if you possess such physical characteristics, never, ever ever express interest in how a boat works. Or an amusement park ride, or an escalator.

    And never ever take photos or videos of anything. If you're a visitor, just keep a travel journal and share that with the folks back home, but make sure it's in English!
  5. ^Shimma, I kind of have to agree with you
  6. lol, shimma. I sure hope we're not becoming an overly suspicious nation.

    I wonder why being on multiple ferry runs is abnormal? I'd ride the Staten Island ferry everyday if stayed with family there and obviously would want to go into Manhattan. Maybe these guys didn't ride during rush hour? All this sounds a little too much, geez. I hope the fed's not overeacting on this one, because then it would really look like racial profiling.

    When my friend visited and we walked across the Brooklyn bridge twice, we talked about the mechanics of the bridge. lol

  7. I know it's a serious issue, but I found this soo funny. Almost sad in a funny way.
  8. in the ferry workers' defense, it's easy to get a little defensive about the place you work when it's likely to be targeted by criminals. i work big-box retail and our store location is stand-alone (it's not in a shopping center), so we're entirely responsible for our own security. a few weeks ago, one of our employees caught a guy taking pictures of our back doors and emergency exits and kind of inspecting the outside of the building. when you stay somewhere 40 hours a week and are close friends with almost everyone that works there, stuff like that makes you so incredibly nervous.

  9. ITA with you, that's what I was thinking too, but you never know, perhaps they are planning something, maybe not. We dont know for sure but its better be safe than sorry. I really hope everything turns out fine, with all these things going on we dont need anymore.
  10. I used to live on Whidbey Island, WA so I took one of those ferrys everyday to get off the island and I'm surprised by this story because there are a lot of tourists doing just that. Checking out the boat, looking overboard. And ppl from all over used to come to our island every week along with the regular commutors.

    I hope it isn't racial profiling but ferry ppl get to know the regulars. My ferry did know me by face. And spoke to me. I have a special interest in ferrys because of the nature of my work. In any case when you wait in a ferry line to get on the ferry and off there are police who walk down every row esp on busy days with dogs who look into every car and if they are looking for these guys and have their pics and they are in one of those ferry lines they will eventually find them.
  11. I totally agree!
  12. I can tell you folks a little more about what is going on in this situation. People are not being targeted because of their ethnicity.

    Over the past six or seven months, the FBI and other authorities have been watching the ferry system very carefully. This is because they received credible intelligence that it may be targeted by terrorist groups.

    What happened is that these same men were seen on MULTIPLE FERRY RUNS photographing (or trying to photograph) parts of the ferry that are not normally of interest to tourists. This includes the parking structure underneath the passenger cabin and also they apparently tried to photograph the captain's cockpit of several ferries as well.

    This was not on one ferry but on a number of them. Authorities asked passengers to be on the lookout for anyone behaving suspiciously- and apparently someone finally got a photo of these men with a cell phone camera.

    I personally don't think it's "normal" tourist behavior to be photographing different ferry boats, the parking structures and other workings of a ferry vessel. I am also not a racist person but the fact of the matter is, this country was targeted by young men who fall into a certain demographic and that demographic unfortunately is going to be under scrutiny because of that... I don't like it as much as the next person but it's a fact of life right now.
  13. Since 1972, 95% of terroists acts have been committed by that certain age group & demographic. Time to wake up.
  14. What we also know is that when racial profiling targets certain groups, the groups change. Years ago, a female suicide bomber would have been unheard of; now it happens far more. There are fanatics who are old or young, with white skin or brown skin, male and female, native English speakers or not.

    Additionally, when we target people based on appearances - especially dark hair and brown skin - we end up stopping Latinos, Native peoples, people from southern Italy and a whole host of people who are NOT the people we are supposedly interested in.

    I very much believe in profiling based on behaviour, and hopefully in this case that is what they are doing. But stopping people because they look a certain way or pray a certain way is simply wrong. No one stopped white, Christian, former military men after the Oklahoma City bombing. Why? Because those are "our" people. The whole idea of racial profiling is a mistake.