FB toilet, anyone?

  1. I'm looking for a FB toilet..anyone have an idea where I could find one? A friend recently got one..and I didn't know I wanted one until I searched for pics in the forum.:sweatdrop:

  2. about a month ago there was one on *bay.. i think that might be your best bet! good luck with your search.. Also have you considered EB? I know they never made it in the toilet case, but the color is very similar to FB and it will be a lot easier to obtain a EB make-up.. HTH!!
  3. I remember AR has some of the FB Toilet sometimes ago..
    Check with them!

    *cross my finger out for you "T"
  4. Thanks galex101404! I missed the one on *bay...hope another one pops up again soon!:smile:

    Thanks A!! I'll try AR, if they don't have one..there's still EB to land on:smile:
  5. I'd LOVE a French Blue toilet bag too. I adore the toilet! (LOL)