FB Shoulder any one?

  1. Kim just sent me this pic today but i am going to pass on this baby. I need to save money for Fall/Winter collection. :cursing: This is the only one they have. I thought some one here might be interested. If you are give her a call tomorrow.:heart:
    frblueshoulder[2] (2).jpg
  2. Nanaz, do they have it in the MU clutch?
  3. That is gorgeous. I am definitely considering this purchase. Does the shoulder cost $695?
  4. incoral - baby talk to me in English.:p What is MU? :shrugs:
  5. lol, MAKE UP Clutch! I learned that from MONSOON!

    I'm going there next month once Daphne's gets back from VACA. I'm on a serious hunt for SS 06 GREY but would like to see what little accessories they have also.
  6. I might be wrong but i think $575.:shrugs:
  7. They have the Make up Clutch in:
    Natural, Caramel, cafe, Black, White, Marine, VG, Periwinkle, and Truffle.
  8. Girlie, sorry you are right. It is $695.:yes:
  9. Thanks, I was really hoping that you were right with your earlier estimate!
  10. Thanks Nanaz as usual. Wow, that's a great FB color in shlder bag.....Will check it out with the SA....:smile: :smile:

  11. Go Celia!!! It's quite a little cutie
  12. Thanks spiralsnowman!! After seeing ur little invention to ur VG shlder bag, it keep flashing back to me to get one and follow ur version...hahahahaha:nuts: :nuts:
  13. That is a gorgeous bag. I would give up my quest for the FB first if I could get this bag! Celia, did you really want this, or do you mind if I call BalNY about it?
  14. ARGH! That's so CUTE!
  15. Super cute!Love the colour! Go for it Celia!!:yes: I just bought my first shoulder, too, after seeing all these lovely Bal Make Ups and Shoulders lately!:love: