FB Classique BIN 782.56 OBO!!

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  1. gone! CONGRATS to the winner!!
  2. :crybaby: :crybaby: I hope a PF'er got it. What a steal! This is the Bbg deal of the century.:nuts:
  3. Wow, gone already.

    Congrats, Rock.

    That was a great great buy!
  4. ^^ yippy, congrats to the winner :yahoo:
  5. Congrats! That was lovely!
  6. OMG, Rock, how many flat brass bags do you have now (lol!!!) :P
  7. omggg I had a feeling that today there would be a flat brass on eBay!!! I've been stalking it for the past 2 hours and I still didn't get it! Noooo! However, congratulations to the winner, that was a fabulous deal!!
  8. ^ Thanks! OMG!!! :yahoo: Okay, I feel totally psychic or something as I was just dreaming about this...but I actually won IRL!!! I could barely finish reading the description before I had to click the BIN button.

    The funny thing is that I was on ebay looking at the auction I just lost minutes ago for a chocolate flat brass flap bag eBay: ***INSANELY RARE!***EARLY BALENCIAGA MOTORCYCLE BAG! (item 280056267099 end time Dec-09-06 17:07:04 PST and then I saw the same delicious leather in the same gorgeous color up.

    So, I guess you win some and you lose some...but now that it's all happened I think I won the right one. :party:
  9. ^^ it was meant to be yours sweetie :tender:
  10. Hey Rocksteady, Congratulations!!!!!:lol:

    I won that other auction......I laughed when I saw you win this one minutes later. You definitely won the right one . WOOOHOOO!!!:yahoo:

    Good for you!:P
  11. Ooh, congrats! That was fast and I'm so glad you got it. The bags are here one second and gone the next.
  12. Congrats 'C'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. aaa I can't believe you didn't BIN this yourself!!