fb caramel

  1. I really like this despite the condition :yes:
  2. OMG!!!! so pretty... i had one and i loved it soo much!
    it's beat up, but still sooo pretty
    come and get it girls!
    stylefly, redcoral, mas, varsha.... where are youuu?
  3. Why do you think it looks beat up? It looks good to me?:confused1: and it's on on my want list BIG TIME. :yes:
  4. Sea, didn't you just get your fb caramel???
  5. yes, i just had my fb caramel, that's why i'm telling you girls, this bag is worth a buy :yahoo:
    the beat up is more to the slouchy and really used condition which for me is greater than a brand new condition :smile:
  6. This bag is gorgeous. I have my dream black fbf...but a caramel cousin would be a nice addition to the family. I wonder if the price will remain reasonable? I wonder what a consignment shop would set the price at for one of these babies?
  7. i think the price it might end is uncertain. this week the same bag may sold for 1300, next week can be 1900... it's unpredictable :P
    i just saw a lilac city auction now bid for 1700... and the auction days is stillend in 2 days!!! CRAZZYYY
  8. i agree. prices lately have been all over the place. there seems to be no rhyme or reason. anyway, good luck to all you bidders! i have this same bag and i love it!
  9. Your fb caramel is so beautiful. I would rather have carmel than black. :yes:

  10. aawwww. thank you :smile:
    i do wear my caramel more than my black now :P
  11. I love those :nuts: and I'm not even into Balenciagas!
  12. You're welcome. Seahorse do you think that one looks beat up? I'm not seeing it. How does it look compared to yours?:confused1:
  13. ok, the left photos are mine, the right are the one on auction :P
    and don't get me negative when i said beat up... because i meant it as a state of b bags that i like actually :smile:
    you see on mine the bottom is not as slouchy as the one on ebay... mine's still had shape and it's still had some shine.
    i loved that this one on ebay's very slouchy and not shiny anymore...
  14. Break out the check books boys and girls, this bag comes with built in character. I predict it will go $1700+. :rolleyes: