Faye Day MINI bag COMING in FALL

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  1. So, they are coming out with the Faye Day in a MINI size soon! Just wondering your thoughts? These photos taken off the Saks website. IMG_4999.jpg IMG_5001.jpg IMG_5002.jpg
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  2. I would need to see mod shots. The way it looks from those pictures, the proportions are... off.
  3. so pretty! I love the size! In grey it looks pefrect!
  4. Actually these are already in certain stores....I saw one today in grey at Bergdorf Goodman!
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  5. I think that they are available at Chloe's site too!
  6. I LOVE it in this size. Much more my style! Here's a modshot from mytheresa, and in this video (I believe it's in Danish?) a young woman and her friend do a brief comparison of the mini and small around the 9:00 mark:


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  7. While the mini is more my size, I’m sucked into the small due to the back pocket.

    I received my small black Faye Day, but I’m second guessing not getting the gray color!
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  8. i went with the small as well for the same reason of the mini lacking back pocket; however the structure of the mini doesn't look as nice somehow... idk
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