Faye backpack users - Can I remove the backpack straps?

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  1. Hello Faye Fans,

    So, I haven't purchased a purse in a looooooong time. I've been saving up for some HG pieces.
    My daily handbag has currently been an Alexander Wang Rocco bag. It holds a ton of items, but can be a bit heavy/clunky at times!
    I saw the Faye Backpack in both the mini and small versions yesterday at the Chloe store and I fell in love with the versatility.

    However, my concern is that IF I want to wear the bag as a shoulder bag (or handheld) those backpack straps aren't really convenient.
    Do you folks have any tips? I was tempted to cut off the small round pieces of leather that hold the strap down, so I can then proceed to remove the backpack straps. But, I'm sure if there's an alternative way the PF community would have it.
    What does everyone else do?
  2. I wear mine on my shoulder, the backpack straps just hang, they don’t bother me! And they are there if I decide to wear it as a backpack! If you remove them then you have all those rings on the back that just make it look funky!
  3. I just wear mine on my shoulder and let straps dangle where they want. It has been convenient at times to switch it up from a handbag to backpack.

    As an example, I was at Facebook yesterday visiting a friend. We got lunch at a picnic table. I didn’t want to put my bag on the dirty wood, so I just slug it around as a backpack. Kept it that way while we shopped and got ice cream. It’s very versatile.

    That said, the handles should come off without any cutting. The newer bags in small have removable straps.
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