Faye Backpack in which size: Mini or Small?

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Faye Backpack: which size do you prefer?

  1. Mini

  2. Small

  1. Hi everyone! I am new to the Chloe brand, but I have been a secret fan of the "Faye" backpack style for many seasons. I recently just purchased and own one other designer backpack (black Chanel Urban Spirit in small size), and I wear it a lot for casual weekend outings. I love it so much, that I am sure I would use this Chloe Faye backpack a lot as well. I plan to get a lighter color (debating between Motty Grey and Tan), but not sure about which size to choose from: mini or small?

    For references, I am 5"1 and would like to carry my everyday essentials with me: phone, keys, wallet, small make-up bag, sunglasses, tissues, and a portable charger.

    I know the small would fit everything but it may look too big on my frame? I love the way the mini looks, but am very afraid that I won't be able to fit many items inside.

    For colors, I definitely like Motty Grey, Tan, Blush Nude and Nougat. I don't want the suede to be too contrasting in color with the leather and it seems some options do that better than others. It's just so hard to tell what the real colors are from online.

    For those of you who already have this bag, if you could share your experiences with me, I would be so grateful! Thank you in advance!
  2. I'm 5'1" also, and I have the mini faye backpack in motty grey. It's a great size. I think you can fit all of the items you listed above (I carry about the same) though you may not be able to fit the makeup bag, depending on how large it is.

    I bought the backpack last July and have been loving it. It fits all of my essentials with room to spare, is really easy to use, and goes with a lot of outfits.

    I also had the same dilemma (grey vs tan). I tried on both colors in store, but ended up with the grey. The grey has a very sleek, understated look to it. The Tan is more "boho" and the contrast between the suede and leather is quite stark (the leather is a lot darker in person than it looks in photos). Hope this helps!
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  3. You are so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me. :heart:

    I am so glad to know it will most likely hold the items I need. That was my main concern! I liked the LV Palm Springs mini, but opted not to get it since it was so small (plus, I am not huge monogram fan). I heard from Youtube that this mini will hold more plus I love the boho chic vibe. I don't have anything quite like it in my collection yet.

    I really appreciate your notes about the Tan having stark contrast! I have not seen it in person yet but I will most likely go with the Grey, since it was initially the first color I was interested in and I do not own any gray bags yet.

    Thanks again hun! :flowers:
  4. You're welcome! If you're used to the size of the Small Urban Spirit backpack, you might need to downsize your items a bit, since the mini Faye backpack seems to be quite a bit smaller. If I were to fill my bag with as many items as you mentioned (I usually carry less on a daily basis, but have carried a similar amount while traveling), they would fit, but the backpack would be quite full. I could send you a photo of what fits into mine if that would help.

    My mini was my first grey bag as well. Both my husband and the SA convinced me to get it (since I was torn between the grey and tan) and I have no regrets. It's one of my favorite bags at the moment.
  5. Thank you for bringing up those points. I actually find myself wishing the Urban Spirit was larger when I use it, so perhaps the mini would be too small for me too. If you could share a photo of what fits inside, that would definitely be very helpful!

    I can see why it's your favorite, the style/color is stunning. I really don't see any other designer with this same style. It's truly unique and understated.
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  6. If you find your urban spirit too small, then I think you’d definitely find the mini Faye backpack too small. It’s a few inches smaller if I remember right. Maybe you could try the small size? I think it may have similar dimensions as the urban spirit.

    Sent you a PM with photos of what fits into mine.
  7. I absolutely love these backpacks but the mini is too small looking on me. 5"6 but if ur petite it could work. The Motty grey is very understated but the contrast of the tan is gorgeous but yes more boho. Post pics when u get it! :biggrin:
  8. I have the small tan backpack and LOVE it! The size is just right for me - it fits a good amount without being a tote size. I'm 5'9" so the small fits my frame nicely. I wear a lot of small bags but I think the mini might be too small for me. Good luck deciding!
  9. Hi ladies- so need advice... I have the small faye in tan & would love backpack for summer. Do I get another tan? I think that doesnt make sense. So grey or black? Grey is beautiful color . Would love ur thoughts! Thx
  10. What color did you end up getting?
  11. IMG_4339.JPG
    I got the silver blue!
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