Faye backpack colors - need your opinion

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  1. hello everyone.

    I need your help in deciding between colors for a small Faye backpack. Would like your input on the following three I am debating between :

    Black Faye backpack - I tend to wear a lot of dark colors. I live in the northeast and weather can be bad. I think this would be a practical bag that I don’t have to baby / worry about color transfer. However, I have others bags that are black or dark green. I was hoping to change it up this time around.

    Nougat- loving pink and blush at the moment. It’s so great for summertime and seems fresh and feminine. I don’t have any colors like it in my bag collection. Cons: I baby all my bags and this will probably not get as much usage year around as a black color...

    Grey- a happy medium color. I would probably baby this thing to death , but then again I would want to wear it all the time cause it brings the pop of color to lighten up my dark clothing and coats. Seems to be a great color year around. Cons: would baby this like the nougat

    Would like to hear your opinions. Thanks everyone
  2. Nougat!
  3. I would go with black. For me, at this price point I wanted to get the most out of my investment. I got brown. I absolutely loved the grey but realistically I wouldn't carry it as often as I would the brown (or even black) and I didn't want to limit the opportunity to carry it because I was too afraid to get it dirty, or it didn't match...

    To mix it up with a lighter colored bag, maybe go with one that wouldn't sting if color transfer, dirts, etc. started to show, or you could only carry a few months out of the year.
  4. Thank you so much for your input guys. Its so hard to decide.

    I suppose it boils down to how much I am willing to use it. In my experience the suede can wear easily if you "beat it up" even just a little bit. In that case black would hold the best.
    But then nougat is beautiful, but possibly if only for summer weather.

    Thanks again, will make my decision soon :heart:
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  5. Let us know what you decide! :biggrin:
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  6. I’m
    Not sure what you decided but if you are one who has to baby it, I would just get the black and enjoy it :smile:
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