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  1. How similar are these two colors? I am hoping to get a fawn devote.. but also tempted by the natural nikki on ebay...

    How about the leather? Is Natural super smooth and soft like cobalt and jamimi purple, or Iris?
    Any one own both colors? I really want to see a comparison pic...

  2. The natural nikki was so tough and not soft at all and the leather was really scratched I would pass on the natural nikki I sent mine bag to gilt or where-ever it came from it. The leather was bad. Fawn looks like a better color, natural had a lot of yellow in it.
  3. I have been searching for a MAM in a light brown or tan color. A couple of days ago I finally ordered one in FAWN. Today, I noticed that there are a couple of NATURAL MAMs on ebay at a good price. I can return the FAWN if I decide to bid on the NATURAL so I'm looking for input.

    Could anyone compare the color/texture of these two??? Fawn appears to be a tad darker than natural but texture and quality of the leather matters to me more than shade does.

    BTW - In the reference forum, color/texture thread, natural is currently not listed at all and fawn is listed in two places. Any ideas which catagory is correct for these two?

  4. Hi I merged this witha previous thread on the same topic. this thread may be of some help also:


    The natural is a sample color that was just made for the Hautelook or Gilt sale. This color was not in one of RM's production lines where Fawn is part of the Cruise collection. It may be easier to find the fawn, and you may like it more. From what i've heard the natural was a stiff leather, and not loved the same way fawn is.
  5. Thank you sooo much! This tells me all I need to know. I'll stick with the fawn. :tup:

    ARGHHH, I DID do a search before I posted and missed this thread somehow. Thanks for merging for me.