Fawn v. Almond


Sep 14, 2006
Hello Minkettes! I need you guys in a time of RM crisis!

So, I was at my local Nordstrom the other day and as I was passing through handbags, I catch STUDS from the corner of my eye! I knew it HAD to be RM, so I rushed over to check out the display. Finally, a place I can go to check out RMs IRL! Heaven!

Anyway, they had the almond stud Nikki, and as a MAM lover, I have always been interested in the Nikki, but never actually tried one on for size. And now I have to say that I may be converted! I just loved how slouchy and comfortable it was!

So comes my dilemma... the stud look is not really for me, but I definitely need to add a brown-toned Nikki to my collection and I have narrowed it down to Almond and Fawn. What are the pros and cons of each leather? Does anyone have a comparison pic of the two? I liked the almond leather on the studded Nikki at Nordies, but I think that maybe that fawn might be more neutral since it's less orangey, but I've never seen it IRL. Then of course, Latte is coming out at the end of the month too, and I want to be able to take advantage of the LB discount if I decide to go in that direction. I am at a loss!

Any help or input would be appreciated. I am so very confused.


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Apr 19, 2007

Whenever you are curious about certain colors it is always a good idea to check out the color reference library. We are really builing it up and you can find almost every color in there.

Here is a link to which you will find tons of pictures of Fawn and a some pictures of Almond. On the first page there are some pics of fawn.. the first post on the second page has an almond stud nikki.


It really just depends on what color you want more. Fawn is really nice neutral light brown while almond is a bit warmer with orange undertones. It is similar to the old hazelnut color (but NOT similar in texture)..

Good luck!
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May 29, 2008
Happy--I went with a Fawn Nikki (which is on it's way to me) because I like the lambskin leather (it's lighter weight). While I like Almond, I thought it was more on the orange side for my taste. Like LR said Latte is coming out plus there is also Cappuccino (but no one has seen a picture of that one yet).
Jan 22, 2008
I'm debating the same thing. I haven't seen either IRL. Does the fact that it is lambskin mean the fawn is more delicate? I have some shoes I'd like it to go with, so I can't tell if fawn or almond is better.


IRL they are a tad lighter. I'm thinking probably almond. I don't want it to be matchy matchy, but they look really weird with my cloud grey Nikki.


Sep 14, 2006
Cute shoes, jordan! I think almond might be better with those shoes. From what I can tell, fawn is more of a tan.

I've been looking around all day trying to decide between the two and I'm still debating between them. And I wish Latte and Cappuccino would come out already!


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May 31, 2007
Almond would definitely go better with those shoes. The almond is absolutely orange. More orange than brown...

But, I will say in the almond's defense, it is the smooshiest bag I have ever felt! It was an absolute puddle right from the beginning. No breaking in necessary.

If you are looking for a neutral brown color bag, then you are looking at the fawn though. The almond really is more of a pumpkin color. It looks like a baseball glove.