Favourite Vacation so Far ?

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  1. Mine was Negril in Jamaica, last Summer my Husband took me there to celebrate my Birthday. It was so beautiful, the nightlife was great with the music and wonderful food. The people and culture were so colorful.

    So far, that has been my favourite vacation. :love:

    What was yours ?
  2. I can't think of my favorite vacation simply because I really haven't taken any in years. My fondest vacation memory growing up, although cliched, was to go to Disney World. There is something so great about Disney World when you are a kid, and as an adult, I have so much respect for my parents having to put up with 2 whiny babies ;) .

    This summer, my boyfriend and I are planning either a cross-country trip or a singular destination somewhere outside of the country. I am so excited to go on my first "adult" vacation (what can I say, I'm a workaholic).
  3. My yearly trip to Marathon in the Florida Keys with my dad and stepmom is my favorite vacation. We go every year in August around lobster season, rent a house with a dock, bring the boat and drink, fish, eat and relax. I don't have vacation time at work yet, but I don't care - this year I'll take unpaid time off :nuts:
  4. My husband took me to Japan and Hong Kong about five years ago, immediately after Golden Week. So everything in Japan was still beautiful and in bloom, but not crowded at all. We were there about 10 days, and then Hong Kong for four.

    My mother had lived in Japan for many years, and it was great to see the things she had talked about, plus the shopping was amazing! Am I the only Tokyu Hands fan here?! I'm guessing not. And Takeshimaya? Has there ever been a better department store anywhere? It made me nostalgic for old Hudson's, Stix, Baer & Fuller, Best & Co, and all those great department stores that are no more.

    I'd been dying to go to HK for years, as it seems absolutely everyone I knew had been there, and they all came back saying "coco-nut...Hong Kong is YOUR town." and it's funny, I always thought Manhattan was my town, but HK is simply gorgeous, and I loved it.
  5. Spent two weeks in Tortola last May...ahhhh
  6. Paris...I love Paris.
  7. It's a tie between skiing at Heavenly Valley in Lake Tahoe with my husband and my yearly trip to Las Vegas with my husband and my parents and my aunt.
  8. Hawaii...It's paradise. We spent 2 weeks there w/ our kids a year ago and one of my sons was crying when we had to leave b/c he didn't want to go home and leave paradise. We also went there on our honeymoon so it will always be special.
  9. I love everywhere we go because I LOVE to travel. But my favorite{s} tie.

    Our honeymoon in St. Lucia was fabulous; the water, the locals. . . just everything. What a wonderful place!

    Also, our trip to Italy. We started in Venice, then Florence, then Naples and Pompeii and ended in Rome. Italy was spectacular!

    Also, we conceived our twins in Rome.
    Cool facts about that:

    My husband is Italian.
    We conceived in Rome which was founded by twin brothers Romulus and Remus.
    The boys are born the sign of twin {Gemini}
    The stars really lined up for us in Italy!:love:
  10. 1. Rome
    2. Prague/Zurich
    3. Cambodia (including Angkor Wat)

    Other favs...weekends to New York, San Francisco, or Boston. London, Paris, Shanghai

    Next up...Amalfi Coast
  11. Love that story, SwankyMamaof3!!!!
  12. Mu husband and me were in Israel 10 years ago. We travelled around the country staying in different kibbuzim and did a one week crash out afterwards on the beach close to Tel Aviv. It was an amzing experience to see all the biblical places and the people were so extremely friendly. We made some great friendships which still lasts.
  13. Tanzania, the safari was just amazing and Zanzibar was beautiful. The beach was fine with turquoise blue sea. I will definitely go back to the safari during the migration.
  14. Ours was beatiful Maui. We did everything our first week and just lounged around the pool and beach the second week... perfect.
  15. My fave vaction was actually the week i went to see my cousin in Honduras. She's a missionary there and when i came back i was incredibly humbled.. that year my faith grew to very strong heights...
    I also enjoyed Costa Rica and Panama.... and Pris.. and maui but Honduras is still my fave.