Favourite Upcoming Colour


Number One Balenciage F/W 2006 Colours!

  1. Noir/Black

  2. Truffe/Mushroom

  3. Sapin/Forest Green

  4. Grenat/Oxblood

  5. Rouge Vif/Fire Engine Red

  6. Bleu Roi/Blueberry

  7. Greige/Cement

  8. Marron/Olive Brown

  9. Camel/Light Caramel

  10. Blue India/Blue-Grey

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi Ladies (and Gents),

    What is your "number one" choice for the upcoming Fall/Winter Balenciaga colours?

    BTW - I left white out of the poll - I was only allowed to have 10 options! Sorry if that's your first choice.:cry:
  2. I dont see the poll:blink:
  3. I don't see the poll... but my 3 favorite colors are in this order:
    1. Bleu gris - Blue India
    2. Rouge vif
    3. Truffe

    EDIT: Ooh... I do like the grenat too!!! How did I forget about that one!!
  4. Wow - you ladies are quick! I was still working on it! lol
  5. I am so sad to say I dont like any of the upcoming colors. I like bright colors too much. So I guess I will have to go very basic and say black.
  6. Ranskimmie not even the red?
  7. I'm voting for oxblood. I can't wait to see how it compares to bordeaux.
  8. The oxblood is my favourite too. I wish we could see bigger swatches - *sigh* have to wait another month.
  9. Maybe the festivities of the holidays will change my mind later in the year, but Im not even liking the red yet:cry:
  10. I voted for bleu-roi, I need a good royal blue in my bbag collection!

    My second favorite is blue india ;)
  11. wow, looks like my pick ("oxblood") is in the lead!!!...but it's a toss-up between that & the "blueberry" for me :flowers:
  12. ranskim, usually the colors in the fall aren't as bright. i'm with you... love the bright colors. :love:

    but for the fall colors, i can't wait to see blueberry and truffle.:graucho: oxblood will be nice, but too close to bordeaux which i already have.
  13. me too:yes:
  14. My fav. is Grenat but after that would be blue india
  15. Definitely the Grenat...then Blue India...have to see them in person....I really like A LOT of the colors!!!
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