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favourite tv series

  1. sex and the city

  2. 24

  3. LOST



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  1. vote for your favourite! You can vote for more than one!
  2. It's a toss up between Lost & Prison Break but I chose Lost. Both great shows but Lost is just mystifying (sp?).
  3. I voted SATC - but I also LOVE watching Grey's!! (altho not on your list..)
  4. I love it... I was staring at my poll looking to see what was missing but I couldn't figure it out! I m sad nowbecause I really love it:love: Too late though:Push:
  5. SATC :love:
  6. PRISON BREAK!! :yes:
  7. heehee.. can't wait to see what happens this Thursday with McSteamy!! :nuts:
  8. from those 5... it'll be sex and the city
  9. Between all of these, I would go with Lost but Veronica Mars is my absolute favoritest show. Last season was not as good as the first but in this year's season opener, I found myself watching the minutes left on my DVR wishing there was more show.
  10. I'd have to say Prison Break. Only because I've never seen 24, Lost or Desperate Housewives.
  11. I loooooove Sex and the City. I have not had the opportunity to watch 24, Lost, or Prison Break.
  12. I love Gilmore girls.. it is not on the list.. and grey's anatomy as well.... I will just vote for.. hmmm.. Desperate..
  13. Prison break!
  14. SATC lol loves it
  15. out of the choices given I picked Sex and the City. However, my all time favorite tv series is M*A*S*H.