Favourite tv night

Jun 14, 2006
It depends on what season it is LOL!

Now I like Sundays for Season 25, Celebrity Apprentice, RHofOC and WWHL, Mob Wives, Audrina, and the Judds. Also like it when Dexter & True Blood come on. OMG I think I watch too much tv :lol:

My 2nd fave is Monday for Nurse Jackie, US of Tara, and Gossip Girl also when the Bachelor comes on


Nov 9, 2009
I asked because I can never remember what night some of the shows I want to watch are on, now I'll have my own go to guide, LOL. I never said my night, I think Monday with Dancing With The Stars and Bethany. Although I prefer Monday when it's the Bach and a Housewife. I also never miss Modern Family, I only wished I liked the shows on with it more. Sunday's also looking pretty good to me with the addition of Mobwives.


Jun 18, 2010
I LOVE Thursdays! Even though there are shows that I watch everyday of the week, all of my favourite shows come on Thursday. Those include Grey's Anatomy, Nikita, Community, Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries! :biggrin:


Did you die?
May 6, 2008
What channel are these two on and if u started watchIng now could you pick it up? Especially Damages, that's Glenn Close right?
They actually come on Wednesday nights, but I records them to watch the next day since I go to bed early. Justified is on FX and Damages is on the Direct TV 101 Network.

Justified only has one episode left this season, so it is a bit late to try to catch up. Damages is way too complicated to try and pick up without seesing the entire story.