Favourite Studs!



  1. flat brass studs

  2. raised silver studs

  3. raised brass studs

  4. giant gold studs

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  1. poll on your favourite hardware and studs !
    flat brass studs
    raised silver studs
    raised brass hardware
    giant gold studs
  2. Great poll! My favorite is definitely the pewter silver hardware!
  3. i love FB studs... because they're very understated and don't really stand out!
  4. I like the flat brass best. Though I do not have any bags with that hardware, I am always admiring the PFers' bags posted with that hardware.
  5. thanks pewter :P
    it's interesting to see the differences of our b bags addicts views...
  6. Even though I don't own one ( yet) but I like the look of the FB studs because it's so different and not as "loud" as the raised ones.
  7. Hm...I don't know! I don't own one of each yet so I can't say, I think they all look good. LOL :P
  8. Very, very close tie between the flat brass and silver! I voted for FB but I :heart: :love: :love: them both.
    And I don't have the brass ones either... but the Giant, no thanks :yucky:
  9. I saw the silver today IRL for the first time, and loved them!
  10. I don't own a balenciaga as of yet, but I love those new gold giant studs!!!
  11. finallyyyy! someone say YEAH to the giant gold studs :P
  12. I voted for giant gold, I have never seen them, but I know I would collapse when I do
  13. silver!
  14. YEAH!!! :nuts:
  15. i voted for the raised brass studs.
    i don't like the silver as much because it's alittle too shiny for my taste.
    But i love the flat brass though! =]