Favourite Starbucks drink?

  1. In high school, I started every day with a Grande Soy Tazo Chai. (Isn't that fun to say?) ... and when my family went to China the year I graduated, my brother and I couldn't wait to get our photo taken next to the Starbucks in the Forbidden City. In my first year of university, I did a design project on the history of the plastic lid of their disposable cups, and how the success of the raised lid is due to the improper way in which they foam their milk. (A proper cappuccino is topped off with microfoam, not dishwasher suds!)

    These days, I'll opt for a plain old cup of their boldest brew, sometimes with a flavor shot of vanilla to sweeten things up.

    Do you carry the white cup?
  2. I tried a soy latte with splenda and I got sick :sad: I'm thinking my stomach can't tolerate caffeine anymore - so I may try it again decaf, but it takes away the fun :sad: regardless, it was scrumptious!
  3. No, I carry the clear cups. ;)

    I drink the cold stuff.
  4. I'm not addicted to Starbucks. I don't like the taste of coffee so I stick with the Frappuccinos.
  5. When I do drink coffee, I prefer it in a ceramic mug with a saucer, and great company to relax and enjoy it with. I live at Starbucks ground zero land but I really don't care for this 'hurry up i gotta have my coffee and get outta here' attitude.

    However, I do occasionally indulge at SB and the double tall nonfat latte is my fave. I used to drink frappacinos too awhile back, but I gained weight as a result - no more sweet drinks for me.
  6. Like to endulge occasionally in the caramel frappichino light and if I am REALLY feeling frisky I get the espresso brownie (orgasmic). However, before I began to watch my weight Iliked the original. Also, I love verona coffee and the Italian roast coffee (both are amazing alone or even better when eating the brownie)
  7. Most SAs at stores frown when I enter with a drink, so I tend to sit down and finish drinking, and then leave. So no carrying for me!
  8. I am a coffee freak and LOVE Starbucks! My stepdaughter gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas and I keep it refilled so i can pay easier!

    i love their Frappucinos and their pumpkin spice lattes-lately, I have just been getting a big cup of their regular coffee and I enjoy that very much-got a cup of it sitting right here with me
  9. Triple-tall-Americano-with-room ... daily. :yes:

    I don't pay for it. I do the accounting for my husband's business -- it takes 1-2 hours a month, and in exchange, I receive the never-ending Starbucks card (on his company account).

    I tried Tully's (closer to my office), which has better service, but hands-down S'bucks has better coffee. We buy it in bulk at Costco for home, as well. And YES, we are stockholders ....

    Color us green, I guess! :wlae:
  10. I carry.

    One thing I really like is a grande pumpkin spice wet cappuccino. (It's not as sweet, and it's a bit healthier because they don't use whipped cream.)

    I can't do that every day so I budget the bottled vanilla frappuccino in my grocery funds.
  11. Tall skim with whip caramel macchiato, please!!!
  12. I do. Tall non fat, light wip tazo chai.
  13. For summer coffee break during a busy workday, I always get my ice latte with non-fat milk and don't add sugar (I like drinking coffee without sugar).

    Then this summer I love their Banana Caramel Frappacino.

    On a cold day I always get my Toffee Nut Latte with whipped cream, taste so good!!

    But I only drink coffee during weekday or when I have to be awake to do something. On a lazy day/weekend I try to be away from coffee.
  14. Coffee bean and tea leaf is much better. Starbucks is like the McDonalds of coffee now.
  15. i carry, especially now that it's starting to get chilly.