Favourite stand out/bright colours that POP?

  1. Which colour/SSN is your fave for adding that pop or splash of colour to your outfit?

    I'm talking something really vibrant and full on colour.

    Please provide pics!!
  2. If you mean bags then my new AG that is on its way to me, of course! MY FB is really bright and fun and the VIF is very versatile believe it or not. All of them punch up an outfut. I had to use one of Nicole Richie's pics to show the apple.

  3. I'm really loving the vert gazon and french blue from this spring. I only got accessories in these colors though because I am a neutral lover at heart. My rouge theatre is the brightest bag I own.

    Although, if I could find one - I would totally spring for a bag in turquoise 05.
  4. Here's a shot of some of my favorite bright bags:


    ['05 apple green mini twiggy, '04 true red first,'06 rouge vif, '05 turquoise first and coin purse]
  5. GAWD, I love those brights!

    Realdeal, you have some of my favorite ones!

    How I wish Balenciaga would reissue that 05 turquoise as well. I wonder how they decided which color to do as their limited edition bag this year?
  6. Realdealcollection - u have a great collections on bright colors bbags....i love the turquoise especially and ur coin purse as well...i'm droolin over it now.....hehehehe
  7. Based from the pictures posted here, it would be Turquoise'05
  8. realdeal- i had to put my sunglasses on when i scrolled past that one!
  9. My fave stand out color to date is Vert Gazon.
  10. It would have to be my Blue India or Rouge VIF Cities :yes: Also pictured...BI day and Vermillion Day.
    A pair of Blue India Balenciaga 2006.jpg A Pair of Rouge 2006 VIF City 2007 Rouge Vermillion.jpg
  11. I love Rouge VIF, Rouge Vermillon and French Blue!!
    IMG_2864.JPG flash2.JPG
  12. I have a vert gazon giant hobo and a 05 turquoise first that POP! For a little less obvious but still noticeable color I can recommend the blue india too :smile:
  13. my favorites are 05 turquoise (sold), magenta, and rouge theatre!



  14. Wow. I really like the 04 true red with the silver hardware. i noticed that I've been looking at that one alot.

    The vert gazon is a great one too (with the GH its really a stand out and has grown on me). French Blue is great too.

    Nice front runners....

    The apple looks great with Nicole R.
  15. [​IMG]

    Teal '05!!! :love: