favourite Sex and the city Picture

  1. heres mine (attachments)...feel free to post yours

    1st - when there round the private pool and Sam pretends shes teh card holder and puts on an english accent

    2nd - carrie in Paris

    3rd - the girls on Sams roof having a party with some transexuals
    homepage.jpg 250px-Ep93_carrie_onbalcony.jpg 119714126_l.jpg
  2. I love Carrie's closet...
  3. I cried when I saw that "american girl in Paris" episode...:sad:
  4. I watched both of them episodes today and I felt the same. I love the scene when Carrie finds her Carrie necklace and the song "la belle et la bad boy" comes on and then miranda is looking for mary, that scene is amazing.
  5. I will look for the piccie in the morning, but for me, it is when she is in Paris in her multi layers Oscar de la Renta dress asleep on the bed. She looked just like a princess.
  6. chloe this ones for you
  7. 2nd :biggrin:
  8. I love the third pic!
  9. I dont have a fav pic...too many to choose!!! BUT my FAV saying...when Carrie is with Aiden..."Im your booth *****"...LOVE IT.
  10. love it!!! :heart:
  11. These are my top 3...I LOVE SEX AND THE CITY :heart:



  12. ^^The third pic is my favorite. Gave me the chills looking at it. Love SITC and Carrie and Big together.
  13. American Girl in Paris part 2...where shes eating the cakes :smile:
  14. OMG! I LOVE THAT PIC!!!!!!