Favourite PM discontinued!!!!! :O

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  1. Just found out today they're discontinuing the Favourite PM and have completely stopped all production!!!! I hope they don't do the same to the MM I'm still on the hunt for one!!!!!!!
  2. I was able to cart a MM today on the site at 1:30 pm CST!
  3. When I was in NYC last month I went to the Soho store and asked for the PM size, the SA told me the same thing yours did. She said it wasn't in production and showed me stock levels over the US to prove it, and that LV are moving away from canvas only pieces. She recommended I look at the pochette Felicie instead.

    Fast forward 3 weeks and I was speaking to an SA outside of work. She said it was all rubbish and they just have super limited stock. I pressed her on it and she said it's definitely not discontinued its just limited SKU and whoever gets in the store when its dropped gets the item. Easier than putting people on wait-lists, calling etc.

    I also saw the MM size on the website the other night, but am yet to see the PM. So who knows! Conflicting information all round. I unfortunately haven't heard of many people getting their hands on the pm in a while so its not looking great :sad:
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  4. The customer services in the UK told me PM has been discontinued and she said the same for MM too. I called again next day and another person said same for PM but for MM she took my details and full deposit and said to expect it in 2-3 weeks time. Are they taking waitlists in the US? I bought it for my sister in the US as she couldn’t find any there.
  5. This has all been rumored for some time. Idk what’s true. Customer service and sometimes SA give incorrect info.
  6. I just had call from LV they will be refunding my deposit for the fav mm, apparently it has been discontinued so there won’t be a restock sadly.
  7. Oh no! That's a shame.
  8. 1. Rumor

    2. Deposit? Not US practice, that's interesting.

    3. People continue to buy this bag in MM new from website.

    4. Rumor
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  9. I’m based in the uk. PM isn’t on uk website anymore so I rang for the MM, one said it’s discontinued and I was disappointed but I thought I’d try again so rang the next day. Another advisor agreed to put me on waitlist and took full deposit. That was few days ago..then she rang today saying they’ve been told it’s discontinued so won’t be restocked. Therefore she called to say I would be issued full refund. Anyway irony is I was buying for my sis in the US, she can’t find any on website and Customer services there wouldn’t put her on waitlist. She lives in a state where there’s no LV.
  10. Thank God, I bought 5 total this year!
  11. I was told they would be discontinuing both sizes by the manager of my local LV store due to issues with creasing / design flaws of the bags.

    I had a favorite PM and it had a crease within 6 months from the magnet and they wouldn't replace it / repair it so I had to sell it.

    The felicie is not even close to favorite. It's basically a WOC. I'm bummed about the favorites.
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  12. Yes I was told the same by multiple advisors, I couldn’t believe it so I called in a space of few days and spoke to various advisors who all said the same. They did try to point me towards the Felicie but you’re right it’s not the same.
  13. Having said that diff people seem to be getting diff answers from advisors so who knows!
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  14. I actually think they discontinued it because it is too "inexpensive", what can we get for a multifuncation LV bags for under $1,000 or around $1,000 now? anything comes out can put a phone, wallet, makeup bag in would be a lot more expensive. I looked at the new Dauphine mini at store the other day, that thing is $2,600!! I would take Favorite in a heartbeat crease or not, bags are going to have wear anyway, cost less per wear and can use in many ways that would be my ideal choice! :biggrin:
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  15. Favorite MM still available in AU site since yesterday.
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