Favourite pieces?!

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  1. So this may be an odd request but..
    I need you guys to help me find something to obsess about!
    Im new to LV and i feel that the fun of buying luxury is first obsessing a bit over it and working hard to afford it and then (FINALLY) going to the store and buying it.
    I know its strange but i feel happier knowing i fully researched a purchase and justifying it so i later wont regret it (i had wayyyy too many buyer regret moments in the past).
    I recently bought an mm agenda in monogram, a mini pochette and a cles, all in monogram as well.
    Im absolutely in love with the items and i would never have bought any of them if it wasnt for the influence of TPF! :biggrin:
    So, what should i look in to next and why?! Pics would be greatly appreciated. The pochette metis is in my radar..
  2. I go after the big ticket....Pochette Metis! :biggrin:
    You got some SLG...get one bag. :graucho:
  3. Yeah. Pochette Metis is such a great bag. But be warned with the glazing issue on the part where the hardware rubs the canvas. My all time favorite is the classic speedy. It's been with me for 8 years now and it's such a special bag for me since it's my very first LV. 😂
  4. Try to google and watch youtube reviews first. Read also the forum on Pochette Metis. Actually I'm on a hunt for another LV bag. But with all the quality issues now with LV and even chanel, I'm scared a little bit.
  5. Yeah i heard rumors about issues with quality however i havent come across any issues. Not long ago, i bought a chanel card holder and the quality is amazing. Ive scratched it my eyeliner pencil dented the leather but i rubbed it a bit and it looks like new again.
    The canvas on my lv is also great. Is it just the bags that are getting worse in quality?
  6. Yeah. I just don't know whats happening. Actually here are my choices:

    Chanel GST - but some are complaining that it looses its shape quickly. I'm not a fan of the classic flap.

    Neverfull - but the DE print has so much issues with the cracking/peeling, azur with color transfer so I think I'm just left with the mono with peeling canvas on the corners?

    Salvi - but afraid that the coated leather would also have problems since it's a DE.

    Pochette Metis - but with glazing issue. I saw it in person and yeah, I believe it's kind of a design flaw.

    Epi or Empriente LV leathers - they say not too good quality of leather. Is it true?

    Prada Saffiano Lux Tote (Double Zip) - but has peeling issues too and not good quality.

    Balenciaga City Bags - also has quality issue.

    .......that's just some... I really don't know where to buy now. 😔 I wish I bought the bags before this all happened.
  7. I have had my pochette Metis almost a year, use it frequently with no problems. I highly recommend it!! Or if you carry a lot neverfull. Or get one now one later. They are two of my top ranked
  8. I too like to do a lot of research before I buy. I suggest going to the LV website to see what you like. Then go on you tube to look up reviews of the bags (or slgs) that you like. The picture of an item posted on the LV website can look quite different in real life. At the same time, you can see if the tpf has a clubhouse so you can get a host of opinions (the pros and cons). For a lot of ppl, the first LV is the neverfull or speedy.
  9. +1!
  10. My DE neverfull has been used to death the last two years and has absolutely no cracking or peeling! Still looks brand new apart from floppy handles now which isn't even a problem :biggrin:
  11. Nutik, go a bag! SLGs are great but nothing feels as great as a big ticket item :biggrin: I'd suggest a speedy b as your first. I love them in size 25 personally! Pochette Metis is also a great choice but they can be kind of hard to get right now.