Favourite pieces!

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  1. Indulge me!
    Post and tell me what chanel pieces are your favourite.
    What pieces do you swear by?
    Pics are more than welcome! :smile:
  2. Anybody? :smile:
  3. My caviar black jumbo with GH. And my WOC. Could not imagine not having them.
  4. I've only had the Chanel bug for a little over a year, so I'm not sure which pieces will stand the test of time for me yet. But I would say that my most worn so far is my black CC Eyelet WOC, it's like a mini classic flap.


    And my ️️ love of late is my 226 reissue in dark gray. It goes with like everything own.

  5. My Chanel favorites:

    1. Rectangular mini (black patent shw). Wear this little guy so often and it's so easy to use.

    2. Chanel sunglasses. I've got two pairs, but I wear my older one more.

    3. Reissue 226, black distressed with ghw. Love this bag.

    4. Tall knee-length boots with chain detail around the top. So chic and effortless.

    5. Navy espadrilles and blue patent ballerina flats.

    6. CC earrings (black with gold detailing, no stones). Wear these often.

    7. Chevron lamb card holder. Use this everyday.

    As you can see, I adore Chanel!!
  6. My favorites:

    Jumbo: Caviar dark silver
    Caviar: M/L Bright blue chevron
    Lamb: M/L Raspberry red
    Small: Distressed calf reissue w/Aged gold HW in size 225
    Boy: Purple boy with Rainbow hardware in Old medium size
    Mini: Rectangular mini in rose gold/pinky gold
    FUN: mini grain calf vanity case in beige
    caviar card case w/SHW

    "first class" ring in champagne gold from Spring 2016
    Camellia necklace
    Chanel Crest brooch

    The photos of my favorites

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  7. Beautiful choices! Do the espadrilles and ballerina flats last? I dont like buying stuff that i cant have the option of wearing every day.
    Also ive been searching everywhere for the earrings you mentioned! Going crazy looking for them. Do you have a style number? :smile:
  8. Wow i love that reissue! The grey colour with the gold chain is so nice! Its unique because i know ive never seen anyone else wearing it!
  9. Love your post! My heart practically beats for that rainbow chain bag. So beautiful.
  10. My favorite pieces are my yellow caviar card case and my beige vintage vertical stripe jumbo flap.

    Up next on my list is to add a black jumbo flap!
  11. Love the raspberry red, blue chevron, and of course the rainbow boy. I have both the medium blue chevron and rainbow boy on my wishlist.

  12. Love all your bags! If you don't mind me asking, how long ago did you get your red flap and where? That is the cruise red, right?
  13. My favourite pieces are my vintage flapbag and my coinpurse:

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462660742.754020.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462660770.247520.jpg
  14. If I had that card case, it'd be my favorite too! I love all things yellow.
  15. I bought this little bowling bag from Pre Spring this year and It's my new favorite bag!!! It's super light weight and bigger than it looks and is just so comfortable to wear!!!

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