Favourite Patent

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choose your most favourite patent color

  1. bordeux

  2. purple/plum

  3. black

  4. grey

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. which patent color is your favourite?
  2. tough one- I like plum and grey the best!!!!
  3. hehe, more votes please...
  4. I equally love the plum and grey! They're the colors that turned me onto patent! So I would split my vote between the two.
  5. Plum
  6. Hmmm, tough one but purple/plum gets my vote
  7. Out of the choices given, black without a doubt.

    However, I LOVE red in patent too(have the red chevy:heart:)
  8. I voted Grey, but I really wanted a second vote for Purple/Plum!
  9. Voted for plum, but my absolute favorite is blush patent.
  10. Plum! Just got the WOC :yahoo:
  11. Grey is so beautiful in patent :love:
  12. grey!!! love the purple too but wish it were a bit lighter.
  13. voted for black but my absolute favorite is the Ferrari Red patent, so stunning!
  14. #14 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    I loved the fall 08 bordeux patent
    it has the most beautiful red under the light but ever since they are just too dark dark bordeux
    so i have voted BLACK! i love how the silver and black patent go together, makes my heart melt!
    thanks to smoothoprter & savannah from the colour library
    black patent and 08 bordeux patent

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  15. Can't get enough of my NAVY.