Favourite Models?

  1. Hi, I was just wondering whether anybody has a favourite model, for this season or of all time? :shrugs:

    I absolutely love (not literally!) Daria Werbowy, I am completely mesmerized by her beautiful features.

    She has all the best campaigns as well :yes: - this season she has Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace and Lancome (maybe others too?) and she has had YSL, Prada and Gloria Vanderbilt in the past.

    Anybody met any models in the flesh as well?

    Would be interested to know, just love the whole industry... wish I could get an agency! :sad:
  2. Ive never met any top models in the flesh but my favourites are Kate Moss, Audrey Marnay, Devon Aoki and Jerry Hall.
  3. I've always loved Maggie Rizer. I read an article recently that her father, who was her manager, stole all her assets (approx $8 million). She got very depressed and gained a lot of weight and dropped out of the public eye. She's now back on track and I'm seeing her around a little bit more (she did Dennis Basso recently) but nothing as big as she had done previously. It's quite sad, really.

  4. I love this girl http://www.frozentoy.com/blog/hm.jpg I don´t know her name but she was mesmerizing in the H&M christmas campaign. I´ve seen her in blonde hair too.
  5. My favorites are Caroline Trentini, Lily Cole, and, of course, Kate Moss.
  6. Gemma Ward - love her!!!
  7. my fave model of all time is kate moss & devon aoki
    and my fave models for now is gemma ward, lily cole, jessica stam, caroline winberg, karen elson.
  8. I don't have a favorite model ... but I've seen many models in person. You'd be surprised. Many are quite plain. And some are not as "thin" as you'd think ... they're thin but they "bounce" when they walk on the runway -- they are not toned at all.
  9. I know her :smile:) She's Jessica Stam

  10. That's Jessica Stam! I love her and Cintia Dicker.They are both my favorites.:yes:
  11. Hard to pick a fave, but I'll say Linda Evangelista for her timelessness, unique and stunning looks and versatility! :supacool:
  12. My favorite is Alessandra Ambrosio.
  13. :yes: yep, you're right.
    And Miss Kate Moss !!!
  14. Have to mention... Liya Kebede, I think she just looks so great and love that she is the first African Estee Lauder spokesmodel. Also love Daria Werbowy and Kate Moss as mentioned before. There are so many greats.
  15. kate moss without a doubt. i've seen her irl and she was teeny tiny, much shorter than they say. and her hair was looking particularly ratty which was gratifying :lol:

    daria is beautiful too, i love that prada perfume ad, i could stare at it for ages. i saw maggie rizer at starbucks once, she was amazing. her outfit would've looked awful and skanky on anyone else but it looked great on her. i like gemma ward too. oh and christy turlington.