Favourite M.A.C eyeshadows

  1. So whats's your favourite MAC eyeshadow colour(s)??.. I'm new to MAC but I'm loving their eyeshadow colours.

    If you'd like to share your eye colour as well and what colour/shade suits you best, feel free to do so as well : )
  2. i have brown eyes, and am japanese PPP, and i like kicky blue aka Parrot (discontinued). i am more of a pigment girl than eyeshadows, i love collecting their pigments. my faves are green brown, bright fuschia, old gold, pink pearl, dazzleray, turquoise, gold (the discontinued frost one), emerald green, and teal to name a few. another shadow i like is black tied, i use it all the time to darken the colors of my pigments after applying them on. :biggrin:
  3. Pigments? Interesting, I heard they were dangerous. How do you find them? Do they only come in shimery sparkly - glamerous kinds or are there matt ones?
  4. the pigments are not 'dangerous'. some are eye safe, some are not. i still use them anyhow and everything seems ok at this point! a lot of them are pearl/ shimmer textures, nothing i would consider glamorous (the glitters are definitely glam), but there are matt ones too. the matt ones can be a bit harder to work iwth though. i loooove pigments more than shadows. :biggrin:

    Here's a link to avail colors, some are now discontinued though but can be accessed thru mua swaps or livejournal if u ever go there:

    MAC Comprehensive Precautions: Swatches

    And here is a list of safe and non eye safe pigments:
    MAC Comprehensive Precautions: List

    hope that helps ya! xoxoxoxo
  5. Thank you so much for clearing that up and for the links: )
  6. no problems! i loove makeup!
  7. Same here: ) I'm still very much in the experimentation process, trying to find what colours are right for me and what products suite my skin best.
  8. I have over 60 mac shadows, not good with names though...ill take pics of my pro palletes later :smile:
  9. please do so! i looooove looking at other peoples makeup, especially mac! :biggrin:

    these are most of my pigments in full size jars:

    These are my mineral skinfinishes:

    i just posted my favorite items, i can always post more if u like! :heart:
  10. are u a member on specktra? :smile: I think I've seen these on there!

    My fav are Aquadisiac, Black Tied, & Naked. :yes:
  11. hey, i am a member of specktra, but havent posted my pics on there before. I do, however, recognize your nickname from MUA i think! I used to post pics on there and on my notepad before!! hello fellow mac fan! :heart:
  12. What is the difference between pigments and shadows? I am not familiar with pigments... Thanks a ton!

    My fave color combos for shadows are: shroom/sable or cranberry/jest - both combos are great for everyday wear. Concrete is a great shade for smokey eyes. If you haven't tried MAC's eye kohls, those are great too... I like teddy. I have blue eyes.
  13. pigments are basically loose powder form. i find them to be more 'pigmented', stronger colored. :biggrin: they are versatile for me, i can use them as a wash, use wet for a bolder color, use as a blush (only some colors of course!, or use as a highlighter on my cheekbones etc... also used wet as eyeliner (though shadows can do this too). try playing around with them at the mac store next time u r there! once i discovered pigments, i now rarely use shadows, but thats just me!
  14. Thanks for the info Betseylover, very informative! I'll probably check out the pigments next time I visit MAC. I usually apply my shadows with a damp brush to get more color to "stick" anyway... Pigments sound like fun!
  15. wow!! I'm impressed! I wish I had all that to play with. :smile: